Human Biology

Faculty List

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream and Director
M. Neumann, M Sc, Ph D 

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream and Associate Director
R. Wilson, M Sc, Ph D 

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream 
A. Dias, M Sc, Ph D 
W. Ju, M Sc, Ph D 
M. Papaconstantinou, Ph D 
F. Taverna, Ph D 

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
A. Cortinois, M PH, Ph D
L. De Souza-Kenney, M Sc, Ph D
C. Dockstader, Ph D 
M. Jeffrey, Ph D
N. Levy-Strumpf, Ph D


The Human Biology Program is an undergraduate collaborative program between the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Medicine. Our programs examine the biology of our species through interdisciplinary lenses by integrating topics from the biological and medical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. The overall structure of the collaborative program is designed to expose students to the transdisciplinary field of human biology with opportunities to specialize in selected areas of inquiry in the field.

A central objective to the Human Biology Program (HMB) is to facilitate the development of core competencies in our students: critical and creative thinking, self-directed learning, quantitative and analytical reasoning, and effective communication and research. HMB aims to prepare students for future careers where an interdisciplinary education in biological and health sciences would be an asset. HMB offers diverse experiential learning opportunities for students which includes a faculty that is at the cutting-edge of teaching innovation, strong academic relationships with other department and faculties at the University, service learning with organizations in Toronto, and undergraduate research in laboratories on campus and affiliated hospital research institutes.

After first year life science courses, undergraduate students may enter the Human Biology program in their selected HMB program: Fundamental Genetics and its Applications, Global Health, Health and Disease, Human Biology, and Neuroscience. HMB students start by taking foundational courses to provide background on their subject area and introduce students to topics integral to the study of human biology. Students then progress to more specialized topics and have more detailed instruction but are also encouraged to participate in self-directed and group learning. In their final year, HMB students are further engaged to practice critical analysis by taking one of our specialized seminar courses in their program, which focuses on expanding the depth of knowledge the student has acquired while studying human biology at the University of Toronto.

Contact Information: 
Human Biology Program Office
Wetmore Hall, Room 105
300 Huron Street


Regarding Human Biology Programs

The Human Biology Program offers five areas of study, all of which offer a major program, and four of which offer a specialist program.

Students are allowed to switch between Human Biology major programs, but should first obtain written permission from the Program Office to determine which of their completed courses will transfer to their new Human Biology major program. Students seeking advice on which HMB major to choose or advice for program completion pathways should view the HMB Program Pathway Tools webpage.

Students are not permitted to be enrolled in more than one Human Biology major program.