Policy and Other Changes

Repeating Passed Courses

When students need to achieve a minimum mark in a course for entry to a limited enrolment program or for meeting a prerequisite to take another course in their program, they may repeat a previously passed course once.

Effective September 2021 onward, the second attempt at the course would normally be marked Extra, unless the mark obtained in the second attempt is higher, in which case the first attempt would be marked Extra to a maximum of 2.0 credits overall. Refer to the section on Extra Courses for more information.

Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR)

Degree students in the Faculty of Arts & Science may select up to 2.0 credits to be assessed on a Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) basis. Effective September 2021 onward, students can choose or remove this mode of assessment on ACORN until the last day of classes. Once the deadline has passed, students may not reverse this decision. Refer to the Credit/No Credit section for more information.