Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN1017

Enrolment in the Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health Minor will be administratively suspended as of January 31, 2024 and students will no longer be able to enrol in the program. Students presently enrolled in the Minor will be able to complete the program requirements as described below. Students who are not enrolled in this Minor but are interested in related disciplines are strongly recommended to consult the Anthropology, Cognitive Science (University College), Psychology, and Religion sections of the Academic Calendar for program options.

Consult Program Administrator: nc.undergradadmin@utoronto.ca or 416-978-5404.

(4.0 credits, including 1.0 credit at the 300+ level)

First Year:
No specific first-year courses required.

Higher Years:
1. BPM232H1
2. 2.0 credits from the Core Group: BPM100H1, BPM214H1, BPM330H1, BPM332H1, BPM333H1, BPM334H1, BPM335H1, BPM336H1, BPM337H1, BPM338H1, BPM339H1, BPM430H1, BPM432H1, BPM433H1, BPM438H1, BPM499H1
3. 1.5 credits from Group A

Group A:
ANT100Y1, ANT204H1, ANT207H1, ANT253H1, ANT348H1, ANT356H1, ANT368H1, CAR316H1, COG250Y1, COG341H1, COG342H1, EAS241H1, EAS346H1, EAS361H1, EAS393H1, EAS393Y1, EAS414H1, ETH201H1, ETH220H1, ETH230H1, FAH260H1, HIS280Y1, HIS282Y1, HIS489H1, HMB300H1, HMB434H1, HPS100H1, HPS110H1, HPS200H1, HPS250H1, HPS352H1, HST209H1, HST305H1, HST306H1, INS300Y1, INS340Y1, JAR301H1, JFP450H1, JSR312H1, NEW302Y1, NEW303H1, PHL100Y1, PHL200Y1, PHL201H1, PHL217H1, PHL232H1, PHL235H1, PHL237H1, PHL240H1, PHL243H1, PHL244H1, PHL275H1, PHL281H1, PHL302H1, PHL310H1, PHL311H1, PHL319H1, PHL320H1, PHL331H1, PHL332H1, PHL335H1, PHL340H1, PHL341H1, PHL344H1, PHL375H1, PHL376H1, PHL382H1, PHL383H1, PHL404H1, PHL405H1, PHL406H1, PHL407H1, PHL414H1, PHL415H1/​ PHL455H1, PHL478H1, PHL479H1, PSY100H1, PSY210H1, PSY220H1, PSY230H1, PSY240H1, PSY260H1, PSY270H1, PSY280H1, PSY311H1, PSY312H1, PSY313H1, PSY321H1, PSY326H1, PSY331H1, PSY333H1, PSY336H1, PSY337H1, PSY341H1, PSY342H1, PSY343H1, PSY370H1, PSY371H1, PSY414H1, PSY425H1, PSY426H1, PSY434H1, PSY435H1, PSY450H1, PSY473H1, PSY493H1, RLG100H1, RLG101H1, RLG106H1, RLG200H1, RLG206H1, RLG209H1, RLG210Y1, RLG211H1, RLG212H1, RLG235H1, RLG301H1, RLG303H1, RLG304H1, RLG309H1, RLG311H1, RLG317H1, RLG318H1, RLG319H1, RLG371H1, RLG372H1, RLG373H1, RLG374H1, RLG376H1, RLG387H1, RLG407H1, RLG421H1, RLG426H1, RLG462H1, RLG463H1, RLG464H1, RLG465H1, RLG469Y1, RLG470H1, RLG478H1, RLG479H1, SOC243H1, SOC250Y1, SOC363H1, SOC448H1, SOC483H1, VIC106H1, VIC206H1

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health, Caribbean Studies, and Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity programs will have the new "BPM," "CAR," and "CSE" designators respectively.