Faculty List

University Professor 
J.S. Kloppenborg, MA, Ph D, FRSC

Professors Emeriti 
A.T. Davies, BA, BD, STM, Ph D (V) 
C.T. McIntire, MA, M Div, Ph D (V) 
G.A. Nicholson, MA, Ph D (T) 
G.P. Richardson, B Arch, BD, Ph D, FRSC, FRAIC (U) 
R.M. Savory, MA, Ph D, FRSC (T) 
L.E. Schmidt, MA, Ph D (SM) 
R.E. Sinkewicz, AM, M Div, D Phil (CMS) 
J.M. Vertin, MA, STL, Ph D (SM)

Professor and Chair of the Department 
P. Klassen, MA, Ph D, FRSC

Professor and Associate Chair 
S. Coleman, MA, Ph D

S. Coleman, MA, Ph D
J. Dicenso, MA, Ph D
H. Fox, MS, MA, Ph D
R. Gibbs, MA, Ph D
K. H. Green, MA, Ph D (U)
M. Hewitt, MA, Ph D (T)
P. Klassen MA, Ph D, FRSC (V)
J. S. Kloppenborg MA, Ph D, FRSC (T)
A. Mittermaier,  MA, Ph D
J. Newman, MAR, Ph D (V)
D. Novak, MHL, Ph D, FRSC
K. O'Neill, MA, Ph D
W. Saleh, MA, PhD
N. Seidman, MA, Ph D

Associate Professors 
A. Dhand, MA, Ph D (V) 
C. Emmrich, MA, DPhil (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
F. Garrett, MA, Ph D 
J. Harris, MA, Ph D 
J. Marshall, MA, Ph D (U) 
R. Marshall, MIA, D Phil 
S. Raman, MA, Ph D 
A. Rao, MA, Ph D (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
K. Ruffle, MA, Ph D (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
K. Smith, MA, Ph D (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
S. Virani, MA, Ph D (University of Toronto Mississauga) 

Assistant Professors
L. Bugg, M Div, MURP, Th D 
S. Gallant, MA, Ph D
A. Goodman, MA, Ph D 
A. Hampton, MA, Ph D 
N. Moumtaz, M Phil, Ph D
L. Obrock, MA, Ph D (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
J. B. Scott, Ph D (University of Toronto Mississauga)
J. Vig, MA, Ph D
K. J. White, MA, Ph D

Associate Professors (Teaching Stream) 
S. Goldberg, MA, Ph D 
Y. Nizri, BFA, Ph D 

E. Mills, B Sc, D Phil

The Study of Religion

As an intellectual inquiry into a key dimension of human experience, the study of religion enables students to grasp a crucially important aspect of the cultures of the world and the interactions among them. We look at the development of religious beliefs, practices, and doctrines as they intersect with the history of peoples, societies, and cultures right up to the contemporary world. The study of religion also prepares students for a wide range of careers, such as social work, law, politics from the local to the international level, teaching, medicine, or leadership in religious organizations. Combined with appropriate language preparation, it can also open out into graduate work leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. in the growing number of universities offering advanced graduate degrees in the field, and in our University's own Graduate programs.

Historically, the academic study of religion has taken a variety of forms, each with its own rationale. The Department identifies itself with a model in which the major religious traditions (e.g., Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism) are studied within an explicitly comparative frame. We employ and encourage a variety of approaches (e.g., historical, textual, linguistic, social scientific) without sacrificing specialized skills and training. The diversity that characterizes this model is reflected in the variety of courses offered or cross-listed by the Department, and by the wide range of training and expertise of our faculty.

Information about programs, courses, including a number of cross-listed courses offered by Colleges or departments such as East Asian Studies, History, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Philosophy, and Sociology can be found on the Department's website. Students aiming to complete any RLG program should consult the Undergraduate Administrator at least once a year for assistance in selecting courses that address the student's interests and fulfill the programs requirements.

Undergraduate Administrative Assistant: Jackman Humanities Building, Room 310 (416-978-2395)

Enquiries: Jackman Humanities Building (416-978-2395)