Centre for Caribbean Studies

Faculty List

A. Trotz, BA, MPhil, Ph D (Caribbean Studies/Women and Gender Studies) 

Associate Professors 
C. James, Ph D (Caribbean Studies/Comparative Literature)
M.J. Newton, BA, D Phil (Caribbean Studies/History)
N. Rodríguez, BA, Ph D (Caribbean Studies/Spanish and Portuguese)

Assistant Professors
K. Edmonds, BA (Hons), MA, Ph D (Caribbean Studies)


Caribbean Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that consists of courses on Caribbean history and society, politics and economic development, literature and thought. Our courses deal with a wide range of issues including gender, religion, culture, ethnicity, race, development, language, colonialism, the environment and regional common markets. Caribbean Studies equips students to think about broad, theoretical and challenging intellectual issues and, at the same time, to ground that expansive thinking in deep understanding of the particular historical, political, economic, geographical, cultural and linguistic realities of the Caribbean and its diasporas. This combined interdisciplinary and area studies approach prepares students to think across disciplines about these kinds of questions, and to base their comparative, transnational and interdisciplinary thinking in concrete knowledge of the Caribbean and its people. The study of the Caribbean equips students to question the order of things, reflect on their own place in the world, and see past the Caribbean's size or current level of geo-political influence to recognize the inherent value and intellectual significance of all places and all people.


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