East Asian Studies Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1058

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

Completion of the program requires 7.0 credits, meeting the following requirements:

1. EAS103H1 and EAS105H1, normally taken in the first year;
2. EAS209H1, highly recommended to be taken in the second year;
3. At least second-year proficiency in Chinese, Korean or Japanese, either by completing an appropriate language course (e.g., EAS201H1/​ EAS200Y1/​ EAS210Y1/​ EAS211Y1/​ EAS212H1/​ EAS220Y1/​ EAS221H1 or a higher level language course) or by demonstrating the required proficiency in the initial placement. Students whose placement assessment exempts them from the requirement must substitute Society-Culture courses or courses in one of the other languages offered;
4. A minimum of 3.0 Society-Culture credits, with at least 2.0 credits at the 300-level or above, of which at least a 0.5 credit must be at the 400-level;
5. Additional EAS courses to a total of 7.0 credits; and
6. 1.5 credits may be courses on East Asia offered by other departments.

Note: First-year students should take EAS103H1 and EAS105H1, a first-year language course (unless placed in an upper-year language course by the department), and may take up to 1.0 Society-Culture credit at the 200-level.

Core Courses
EAS103H1, EAS105H1, EAS209H1

Society-Culture Courses
EAS193H1, EAS194H1, EAS195H1, EAS196H1, EAS197H1, EAS198H1, EAS199H1, EAS218H1, EAS219H1, EAS231H1, EAS235H1, EAS241H1, EAS242H1, EAS243H1, EAS245H1, EAS246H1, EAS247H1, EAS248H1, EAS251H1, EAS256H1, EAS257H1, EAS263H1, EAS270H1, EAS271H1, EAS272H1, EAS273H1, EAS274H1, EAS278H1, EAS279H1, EAS284H1, EAS284Y1, EAS285H1, EAS289Y1, EAS295Y0, EAS296H1, EAS297H1, EAS299Y1, EAS307H1, EAS308H1, EAS309H1, EAS311H1, EAS312H1, EAS314H1, EAS315H1, EAS324H1, EAS327H1, EAS328H1, EAS329H1, EAS330H1, EAS333H1, EAS334H1, EAS334Y1, EAS335H1, EAS338H1, EAS340H1, EAS345Y1, EAS347H1, EAS348H1, EAS349H1, EAS350H1, EAS354H1, EAS357H1, EAS358Y1, EAS361H1, EAS362Y1, EAS363H1, EAS364H1, EAS365H1, EAS366H1, EAS370H1, EAS372H1, EAS372Y1, EAS373H1, EAS374H1, EAS375H1, EAS378H1, EAS380H1, EAS381H1, EAS384H1, EAS386H1, EAS387H1, EAS388H1, EAS391H1, EAS392H1, EAS393H1, EAS394H1, EAS395Y0, EAS396H1, EAS397H1, EAS398H0, EAS398Y0, EAS406Y1, EAS407H1, EAS408H1, EAS409H1, EAS412H1, EAS417H1, EAS418H1, EAS419H1, EAS420H1, EAS421H1, EAS427H1, EAS431H1, EAS432H1, EAS433H1, EAS434H1, EAS435H1, EAS436Y1, EAS439H1, EAS444H1, EAS446H1, EAS447H1, EAS448H1, EAS449H1, EAS454H1, EAS455H1, EAS456H1, EAS457H1, EAS458H1, EAS459Y1, EAS466H1, EAS467H1, EAS468H1, EAS471H1, EAS471Y1, EAS473H1, EAS474H1, EAS475Y1, EAS476H1, EAS477H1, EAS479H1, EAS486H1, EAS488H1, EAS489H1, EAS496H1

Language Courses
EAS100Y1, EAS101Y1, EAS110Y1, EAS120Y1, EAS121H1, EAS200Y1, EAS201H1, EAS210Y1, EAS211Y1, EAS212H1, EAS220Y1, EAS221H1, EAS300Y1, EAS301H1, EAS310Y1, EAS320Y1, EAS401H1, EAS402H1, EAS404H1, EAS410Y1, EAS416Y1, EAS460H1, EAS461H1

Society-Culture Courses on East Asia Offered by Other Departments
ANT341H1, ANT472H1, ANT477H1, CAS201H1, CAS202H1, CAS310H1, CAS320H1, CAS350H1, CAS360H1, CAS370H1, CAS390H1, CAS400H1, CAS413H1, CAS414H1, CAS420H1, CAS430H1, CAS490H1, CDN230H1, CDN390H1, CIN376Y1, FAH260H1, FAH262H1, FAH360H1, FAH363H1, FAH462H1, FAH463H1, FAH464H1, FAH465H1, GGR343H1, HIS280Y1, HIS316H1, HIS326H1, HIS328H1, HIS380H1, HIS382H1, HIS385H1, HIS385Y0, HIS485H1, HPS395Y1, JHA384H1, JHA394H1, JPA331H1, MUS215H1, NUS352H0, PHL237H1, PHL334H1, PHL337H1, POL302H1, POL431H1, RLG206H1, RLG356H1, RLG372H1, RLG373H1, RLG374H1, RLG379H1, RLG465H1, SLA280H1