Faculty List

Professors Emeriti 
J.K. Chambers, MA, PhD
E.A. Cowper, AM, PhD  
B.E. Dresher, BA, PhD 
A. Johns, MA, PhD
D. Massam, MA, PhD 
P.A. Reich, MS, PhD 
R. Wardhaugh, MA, PhD 

Professor and Chair 
S.A. Tagliamonte, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor and Associate Chair, Undergraduate
N. Sanders, MA, PhD

University Professor 
K.D. Rice, MA, PhD

A. Kochetov, MA, PhD
N. Nagy, PhD
A.T. Perez-Leroux, MA, PhD 

Associate Professors 
M.C. Cuervo, MA, PhD
D. Heller, MA, PhD
M. Ippolito, MA, PhD
P. Jurgec, MA, PhD
G. Thomas, MA, PhD 

Assistant Professors 
S. Bejar, MA, PhD
T.J. Brant, MA
R. DeCaire, MA
M. Grigoroglou, MA, PhD
S. Lima, MA, PhD
P. Mateo Pedro, MA, PhD
K. Moulton, MA, PhD
P. M. Pedro MA, PhD

Adjunct Professor 
M.L. Chasin, MSc, AuD 

Retired Lecturer 
E.M. Gold, MA, PhD 


Linguistics can trace its roots back to the ancient Sanskrit grammarians, and the study of language is probably as old as language itself. However, the twentieth century has produced an explosion in the scientific study of language. As our understanding of the nature and structure of human language develops, linguistics is becoming relevant to many other areas of research such as Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Psychology, and Philosophy.

On its own, linguistics represents an invaluable key to the nature of the mind and the diverse elements of human culture; as a tool, linguistics is unmatched in preparing one for the learning and teaching of languages and for integrating language with technology.

Part-time students should note that most of the summer and evening courses available to them are offered on a rotating basis only. Consequently, students wishing to take such courses should enrol in them at the earliest opportunity after completing the necessary prerequisites.

In addition to the undergraduate curriculum within the Department of Linguistics, there are courses relating to linguistics offered in other departments such as the language departments, Anthropology, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Psychology, and in the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence program.

Students seeking counselling and information should contact the Undergraduate Administrator ( or the Associate Chair, Undergraduate, Professor Nathan Sanders (