Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources

Industrial Relations and Human Resources

Faculty List

R. Gomez, MA, MIR, PhD (Director)
A. Saks, BA, MSc, PhD* 

Associate Professor
D. Pohler, BComm, PhD

Assistant Professors
G. Distelhorst, BA, PhD
S. Campero, MS, MBA, PhD
P. Scanlan, BA, PhD* 
J. Myers, BSc (PhD expected June 2021)

A. Eads, BA, PhD* (Associate Director, Undergraduate)
H. Wang, BSc, MSc, PhD

Professors Emeriti
F. Reid, MSc, PhD (Associate Director, Graduate)
M. Gunderson, MA, PhD
A. Verma, BTech, MBA, PhD* 

* Cross-appointed


Since 1965, the Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources (CIRHR) has brought together professors from many different disciplines and departments at the University of Toronto to teach and conduct research on all aspects of work, the workplace, labour markets and labour relations. The CIRHR’s graduate programs rank among the best in North America and its faculty reflects the depth, breadth and diversity of our university. 

The overarching goal of the undergraduate program in Industrial Relations and Human Resources is to offer an interdisciplinary learning opportunity in which to study the ‘world of work and employment’ in a Canadian and global context from the perspectives of economics, history, law, management, political science, psychology and sociology. The program provides students with a theoretical background and knowledge of current developments in the field that will serve as a basis for careers areas such as: a Human Resources Generalist, Recruitment Specialist, HR Consultant, Employment Equity Officer, Training and Development Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Labour, Union Representative and Labour Relations Specialist. The undergraduate program in IRHR is also a perfect platform from which to enter post-graduate programs in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Law with a specialisation in labour and employment, as well as policy and labour studies programs.

Students are encouraged to use the resources available in both the CIRHR Library and Career Centre in order to investigate current labour market trends and career options in Industrial Relations and Human Resources. In Ontario, the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) regulates the HR profession and issues the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, the national standard for excellence in human resources management. IRHR students are also encouraged to explore the services offered by HRPA. The IRHR Program Office is located in Woodsworth College and students continue to benefit from the rich academic support services and facilities available at the College.

Program Office | Woodsworth College
119 St. George Street - Room 236 | Toronto ON M5S 1A9


Regarding Program Enrolment

Admission to major and specialist programs will be determined by a student's mark in specific courses. These are limited enrolment programs that can only accommodate a limited number of students. Achieving the marks required does not necessarily guarantee admission to the program in any given year. Requests for admission will be considered in the first program request period only. For detailed program application instructions, please consult the Arts & Science Program Toolkit. Do not change your program after Year 3 if you are required to complete your degree in four years as prerequisites and program requirements will not be waived. Due to the limited enrolment nature of this program students are strongly advised to enrol in backup programs. 


Arts & Science Internship Program

The new Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) stream is available to students entering their second year of study in Fall 2021 and enrolled in the Industrial Relations & Human Resources Specialist or Major.

  • Enrolment is limited and requires a supplemental application. Students enrolled in the ASIP stream will be required to complete mandatory Professional Development programming plus a minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 months of paid, full-time work experience. The time to degree completion for students enrolled in ASIP will normally be 5 years. There is an additional cost to participate in the ASIP stream.
  • Students will typically be admitted to the ASIP stream for the Fall term of Year 2 of study, however starting in Fall 2022, in exceptional circumstances students, including transfer students, who enrolled in an eligible program in the Summer after Year 2 can be admitted to the ASIP stream for the Fall of Year 3. Year 3 entry into the program requires prior approval of the Associate Chair, Undergraduate or their designate and the Experiential Learning & Outreach Support (ELOS) Office.
  • Further details about ASIP, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, can be found here. Students may also visit the ASIP webpage or contact the ELOS office at asip@utoronto.ca.