African Studies Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE1707

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Consult Program Administrator: or 416-978-5404.

(11.0 credits, including at least 4.0 credits at the 300+ level, with at least 1.0 credit at the 400-level)

First Year:
1. AFR150Y1

Higher Years:
2. JQR360H1
3. AFR450Y1
4. 2.5 credits from Group A.
5. 2.0 credits from Group B.
6. 2.0 credits from Groups A or B
7. 2.0 credits in language courses from Group C (a progression in one language) or 2.0 credits in any major African language approved by the Program Committee.

Group A:
AFR250Y1, AFR270H1, AFR290H1, AFR298H1, AFR322H1, AFR351Y1, AFR352H1, AFR353H1, AFR354H1, AFR355H1, AFR357H1, AFR358H1, AFR359H1, AFR365H1, AFR453Y1, AFR370H1, AFR381H1, AFR389H1, AFR450Y1, AFR451H1, AFR454H1, AFR455H1, AFR459H1, AFR499H1, ANT463H1, ENG367H1, HIS295Y1, HIS319H1, HIS322H1, HIS342H1, HIS352H1, HIS383Y1, HIS394H1, HIS450H1, HIS481H1, HIS483H1, HIS486H1, JNH350H1, JQR360H1, POL301H1, POL309H1, PRT100Y1, PRT220Y1, an independent studies course approved by the Program Committee

Group B:
ANT204H1, ANT348H1, ANT374H1, ARC233H1, CAR220H1, CAR226H1, CAR315H1, CIN332Y1, CIN372Y1, CSE444H1, DRM462H1, DTS200Y1, DTS401H1, DTS402H1, ECO231H1, ECO232H1, ECO324H1, ENG270H1, ENG356Y1, ENG370Y1, ENT200H1, ENV221H1, ENV333H1, FRE334H1, FRE336H1, GGR112H1, HIS106Y1, HIS221H1, HIS222H1, HIS230H1, HIS359H1, HIS391Y1, HIS392Y1, HIS446H1, HIS487H1, HMB202H1, HMB203H1, HMB303H1, HMB323H1, HMB433H1, HMB443H1, JPR374H1, MGT230H1, MGT250H1, MGT201H1, NFS490H1, NMC343H1, NMC344H1, NMC362Y1, NMC374H1, NMC376H1, NMC377Y1, NMC378H1, NMC379H1, NMC381H1, PHL336H1, PHL380H1, POL201H1, POL223H1, POL486H1, POL417H1, POL418H1, POL445H1, POL447H1, POL479H1, POL488H1, POL489H1, RLG203H1, RLG204H1, RLG241H1, RLG312H1, RLG351H1, RLG355H1, SDS246H1, SDS355H1, SOC210H1, WGS273H1, WGS369H1, WGS385H1, WGS386H1, WGS426H1, WGS440H1, WGS463H1

Group C:
Swahili: AFR280Y1, AFR380Y1
Arabic: NML110Y1, NML210Y1
French: FSL221Y1/​ ( FSL220H1, FSL222H1), FSL321Y1/​ ( FSL320H1, FSL322H1)/ ( FSL421Y1/​ FSL420H1)
Portuguese: PRT100Y1/​ ( PRT101H1, PRT102H1), PRT220Y1/​ ( PRT201H1, PRT202H1)
OR 2.0 credits in any major African language approved by the Program Committee


  • 4.0 credits must be 300/400-level (including at least 1.0 credit at the 400-level) of which at least 1.0 credit must be from Group A and another from Group B