History Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE0652

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Variable Minimum Grade
A minimum grade is needed for entry, and this minimum changes each year depending on available spaces and the number of applicants. The following courses must be completed:

2.0 HIS credits to be made up in one of the following ways:

Option 1:

Option 2:

To ensure that students admitted to the program will be successful, applicants with a final grade lower than 70% in each course will not be considered for admission. Please note that obtaining this minimum final grade does not guarantee admission to the program.

Students in this program have the option to request enrolment in the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) stream. Students can apply for the ASIP stream after Year 1 (Year 2 entry) or after Year 2 (Year 3 entry, starting Fall 2024). Full details about ASIP, including student eligibility, selection and enrolment, are available in the ASIP section of the Arts & Science Academic Calendar. Please note that the majority of students enter ASIP in Fall term of Year 2. Space is more limited for Year 3 entry. Students applying for Year 3 entry must have been admitted to the History Specialist in the Summer after Year 2.

Note: Some courses may contribute to both the Geographical and Temporal requirements. Some Full (1.0 credit) courses may satisfy 0.5 credit of the Temporal requirement.  Refer to the Department website for a full list of courses that meet these separate requirements.

The Specialist program gives students in-depth training in historical research, analysis, and writing for future professional use or graduate study. To tailor the program to your needs, in your third year you have a choice between two pathways: a higher level course-work option in order to further the development of excellent skills via a wider variety of courses or a thesis option where you will be able to do the same while also concentrating on a specific research topic.

A total of 10.0 credits, meeting the following requirements:

Only 1.0 credit at the 100-level can be used to fulfill program requirements.

Higher Years: Additional HIS courses to a total of 10.0 credits overall, meeting the following requirements:

1. Geographic Distribution (200+ level):

a) 2.0 credits in Africa/Asia/Middle East with at least one 0.5 credit in 2 of the 3 areas. This requirement cannot be met by more than 1.0 credit from any area.
b) 1.0 credit in Canada/US/Latin America/The Caribbean
c) 1.0 credit in Europe

2. Temporal Requirement: 1.0 credit in Pre-1800 history course(s) listed below.

Note 2: HIS courses listed with (.50) indicate that they fulfill half of the Temporal Requirement.

3. Levels: At least 5.0 credits at the 300+ level, including 1.5 credits at the 400-level to be fulfilled in one of the following ways:


a) Thesis Option: HIS475H1 and HIS476H1 taken in that order, OR HIS491Y1 (see Note 3)

b) Coursework option: 1.0 credit of Senior (300 or 400-level) Methodology course(s), listed below

Note 3: Students interested in the Thesis Option should contact the Undergraduate Chair for advice about the pathway, thesis topics, and the selection of an appropriate faculty advisor.

Courses in other departments:

a) Students may take up to 1.0 credit from the Equivalent Courses list below. These courses may not be used to fulfill the 100-level, Geographic, or Temporal requirements.

Geographic Area a): Africa, Asia, Middle East

(Sub-group: Africa)

AFR290H1, AFR370H1, HIS295Y1, HIS297Y1, HIS319H1, HIS322H1, HIS342H1, HIS352H1, HIS383Y1, HIS394H1, HIS450H1, HIS481H1, HIS483H1, HIS486H1

(Sub-group: Asia)

HIS280Y1, HIS282Y1, HIS283Y1, HIS315H1, HIS316H1, HIS326H1, HIS328H1, HIS333H1, HIS346H1, HIS379H1, HIS382H1, JHA384H1, HIS385H1, HIS385Y0, JHA394H1, HIS400H1, HIS467H1, HIS470H1, HIS473H1, HIS480H1, HIS485H1, HIS494H1

(Sub-group: Middle East)

HIS208Y1 (.50), HIS304H1, JHM307H1, HIS339H1, HIS370H1, JMH385H1, NMC372H1, NMC386H1

Geographic Area b): Canada/The United States/Latin America/The Caribbean

(Sub-group: Canada)

HIS264H1, HIS265Y1, HIS266H1, HIS267H1, HIS300H1, HIS310H1, HIS311H1, HIS312H1, HIS314H1, HIS318H1, HIS335H1, HIS356H1, HIS358H1, HIS360H1, HIS363H1, HIS365H1, JIH366H1, HIS366H1, HIS369H1, JIH369H1, HIS371H1, HIS402H1, HIS405Y1, HIS410H1, HIS417H1, HIS418H1, HIS419H1, HIS429H1, HIS435H1, JIH460H1, HIS466H1, HIS468H1, HIS469H1, HIS472H1, HIS484H1, HIS492H1

(Sub-group: The United States)

HIS221H1, HIS222H1, HIS271Y1, HIS300H1, HIS310H1, HIS362H1, HIS365H1, HIS366H1, JIH366H1, HIS369H1, JIH369H1, HIS372H1, HIS376H1, HIS377H1, HIS378H1, HIS396H1, HIS401H1, HIS404H1, HIS411H1, JIH460H1, HIS465H1, HIS473H1, HIS479H1, HIS484H1

(Sub-group: Latin America/The Caribbean)

HIS230H1, HIS231H1, HIS291H1, HIS292H1, JHN323H1, HIS359H1, HIS390H1, HIS397H1, HIS474H1

Geographic Area c): Europe

(Sub-group: Britain)

HIS302H1, HIS332H1, HIS324H1, HIS337H1, HIS347H1, HIS349H1, HIS350H1, HIS368H1, HIS422H1, HIS477H1, HIS482H1

(Sub-group: Western Europe)

HIS220Y1, HIS240H1, HIS241H1, HIS242H1, HIS243H1, HIS244H1, HIS245H1, HIS303H1, HIS308H1, HIS309H1, HIS317H1, HIS320H1, HIS321H1, HIS323H1, HIS327H1, HIS329H1, HIS330H1, HIS334H1, HIS336H1, HIS338H1, HIS341Y1, HIS343H1, HIS345H1, HIS350H1, HIS355H1, HIS357Y0, HIS357Y1, HIS361H1, HIS373H1, HIS375H1, HIS386H1, HIS387H1, HIS388H1, HIS403H1, HIS407H1, HIS409H1, HIS411H1, HIS414H1, HIS415Y1, HIS416H1, HIS423H1, HIS424H1, HIS425H1, HIS426H1, HIS427H1, HIS428H1, HIS430H1, HIS432H1, HIS437H1, HIS438H1, HIS440H1, HIS443H1, HIS444H1, HIS445H1, HIS457H1, HIS467H1, HIS480H1, HIS493H1

(Sub-group: Eastern Europe and Russia)

HIS240H1, HIS250Y1, HIS251Y1, JSH300H1, HIS306H1, HIS325H1, HIS331H1, HIS340H1, HIS350H1, HIS351H1, HIS351Y1, HIS353Y1, HIS364H1, HIS367Y0, HIS384H1, HIS386H1, HIS420H1, HIS433H1, HIS434Y1, HIS436H1, HIS439H1, HIS442H1, HIS449Y1, HIS451H1, HIS459H1, HIS460H1, HIS461H1, HIS490H1

Temporal Requirement

HIS100Y1 (.50), HIS101Y1 (.50), HIS102Y1 (.50), HIS103Y1 (.50), HIS106Y1, HIS107Y1 (.50), HIS108Y1 (.50), HIS109Y1 (.50), HIS110Y1 (.50), HIS208Y1 (.50), HIS220Y1, HIS230H1, HIS243H1, HIS244H1, HIS250Y1 (.50), HIS251Y1 (.50), HIS265Y1 (.50), HIS271Y1 (.50), HIS280Y1 (.50), HIS283Y (.50), HIS291H1, HIS293H1, HIS295Y1 (.50), HIS297Y1 (.50), HIS303H1, HIS308H1, HIS309H1, HIS320H1, HIS321H1, HIS323H1, HIS327H1, HIS329H1, HIS332H1, HIS333H1, HIS336H1, HIS337H1, HIS352H1, HIS353Y1 (.50), HIS355H1, HIS357Y1, HIS357Y0, HIS362H1, HIS368H1, JIH369H1, HIS373H1, HIS375H1, HIS381H1, HIS382H1, HIS383Y1 (.50), HIS403H1, HIS414H1, HIS422H1, HIS424H1, HIS426H1, HIS427H1, HIS428H1, HIS432H1, HIS434Y1, HIS443H1, HIS446H1, HIS457H1, HIS467H1, HIS492H1

Methodology Courses

HIS302H1, HIS312H1, HIS315H1, HIS335H1, HIS345H1, HIS346H1, HIS351H1, HIS352H1, HIS355H1, HIS358H1, HIS363H1, HIS381H1, HIS383Y1, HIS389H1*, HIS393H1, HIS397H1, HIS401H1, HIS406H1*, HIS417H1, HIS418H1, HIS419H1, HIS422H1, HIS423H1, HIS435H1, HIS436H1, HIS437H1, HIS440H1, HIS443H1, HIS446H1, HIS455Y1, HIS460H1, HIS465H1, HIS466H1**, HIS467H1, HIS468H1, HIS470H1, HIS475H1, HIS480H1, HIS483H1, HIS490H1, HIS496H1*, JIH460H1, JSH300H1

* “Topics in History”: Various topics each year. Please see the Arts & Science Timetable for current offerings. Course descriptions and prerequisites can be found on the department website.

** “Topics in Canadian History”: Various topics each year. Please see the Arts & Science Timetable for current offerings. Course descriptions and prerequisites can be found on the department website.

Equivalent Courses

AFR290H1, AFR370H1, CDN230H1, CDN280H1, CDN340H1, CDN390H1, CLT337H1, CLT377H1, CLT378H1, CLT413H1, CLT416H1, CLT444H1, EAS245H1, EAS246H1, EAS247H1, EAS271H1, EAS285H1, EAS348H1, EAS364H1, EAS372H1, EAS374H1, EAS459Y1, * EAS464H1, EAS473H1, EAS475Y1, EAS484Y1, EUR200Y1, INS200H1, INS201Y1, INS300Y1, INS352H1, JPI201H1, NMC275H1, NMC278H1, NMC355H1, NMC372H1, NMC373H1, NMC376H1, NMC378H1, NMC386H1, NMC475H1, NMC477H1, NMC479H1, REN240Y1, REN348Y0, REN441H1, TRN250Y1, WGS481H1

*course(s) no longer offered

Thematic Streams

Although thematic streams are not an official program requirement, you may find it enriching to follow a particular theme across different time periods or geographical divisions.

Colonialism, Post-Colonialism, Trans-Nationalism

HIS106Y1, HIS208Y1, HIS280Y1, HIS282Y1, HIS283Y1, HIS291H1, HIS292H1, HIS303H1, HIS312H1, HIS314H1, HIS326H1, HIS353Y1, HIS380H1, HIS416H1, HIS445H1, HIS446H1, HIS467H1, HIS470H1, HIS480H1, NMC278H1, NMC376H1

Indigenous History

HIS101Y1, HIS102Y1, HIS230H1, HIS264H1, HIS291H1, HIS292H1, HIS359H1, HIS419H1, INS200H1, INS201Y1, INS300Y1, INS352H1, JIH366H1, JIH369H1, JIH460H1

International Relations

HIS103Y1, HIS311H1, HIS343H1, HIS344H1, HIS401H1, HIS405Y1, HIS451H1, HIS465H1


HIS220Y1, HIS303H1, HIS320H1, HIS321H1, HIS323H1, HIS403H1, HIS424H1, HIS427H1, HIS428H1, HIS432H1, HIS438H1, NMC376H1

Women and Gender

HIS297Y1, HIS302H1, HIS323H1, HIS348H1, HIS363H1, HIS383Y1, HIS406H1, HIS446H1, HIS465H1, HIS481H1

Students in this program have the option to complete the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) stream.

Note: HIS262H1, Canada: A Short Story of Here, is designed for non-History students, this introductory survey fulfills the Society and Its Institutions breadth requirement. It cannot be counted towards a History program, program requirements or as a pre-requisite for upper-level History courses.