Linguistics Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE0506

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(12.0 credits)

Required Courses (5.5 credits):

First Year: LIN101H1, LIN102H1
Second Year: LIN228H1, LIN229H1, LIN232H1, LIN241H1, LIN251H1
Third and Fourth Years: LIN322H1, LIN331H1, JAL401H1, JLP374H1/​ JLP315H1

Elective Courses (4.5 credits):

A total of 4.5 credits in LIN/JAL/JFL/JLP/JLS (excluding LIN200H1, LIN203H1, LIN204H1, LIN211H1) including 2.0 credits at the 300+ level including at least 0.5 credit at the 400 level

Up to 1.0 credit may be from other departments. Approved courses include ANT329H1, ANT425H1, ANT427H1; COG250Y1; CSC384H1, CSC401H1, CSC448H1, CSC485H1; FIN220H1, FIN305H1; FRE272H1, FRE273H1, FRE274H1, FRE376H1, FRE378H1, FRE379H1, FRE379H1, FRE383H1, FRE386H1, FRE387H1, FRE388H1, FRE471H1, FRE487H1, FRE488H1, FRE489H1; GER400H1, GER426H1, GER462H1; HPS250H1, HPS322H1, HPS352H1; ITA360H1, ITA363H1; MCS223H1; NML315H1, NML463H1; PHL210Y1, PHL245H1, PHL310H1, PHL311H1, PHL325H1, PHL326H1, PHL340H1, PHL342H1, PHL345H1, PHL347H1, PHL351H1, PHL355H1, PHL405H1, PHL451H1, PHL479H1, PHL480H1, PHL481H1; PRT364H1, PRT368H1; SLA255H1, SLA380H1, SLA452Y1; SPA322H1, SPA324H1, SPA421H1, SPA422H1, SPA423H1; VIC223Y1; LIN340H5. Other courses might also qualify; consult the Department of Linguistics for approval.

LIN courses from other campuses are considered courses from other Departments. 

Language Requirement (2.0 credits):

Two years of study or its equivalent of one non-Germanic, non-Romance language in courses using the spoken language. We encourage you to begin this language study in your first or second year. Approved sequences of courses include CLT141Y1, CLT251H1, and CLT252H1; EAS100Y1 and EAS200Y1; EAS120Y1 and EAS220Y1; EAS110Y1 and EAS210Y1; EST100H1, EST101H1, EST200H1, and EST201H1; FIN100H1, FIN110H1, FIN200H1, and FIN210H1; HUN100Y1 and HUN200Y1; INS220Y1 and INS323Y1/​ INS320Y1; INS210Y1 and INS310Y1; AFR280Y1/​ NEW280Y1 and AFR380Y1/​ NEW380Y1; MGR100H1, MGR101H1, and MGR245Y1; NML110Y1 and NML210Y1; NML155H1, NML156H1, NML255H1, and NML256H1; NML260Y1 and NML360Y1; NML270Y1 and NML370Y1; SLA105Y1 and SLA204Y1; SLA106H1, SLA116H1, SLA206H1, and SLA207H1; SLA100H1, SLA101H1, and SLA220Y1; SLA107Y1, SLA257H1, and SLA277H1; SLA108Y1 and SLA208Y1. Other courses might also qualify, but must be pre-approved by the Department of Linguistics. Note that access to some language courses will be determined through priority enrolment.


  • Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with Victoria College's Material Culture and Semiotics program have been assigned the new "MCS" designator.
  • Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's African Studies program have been assigned the new "AFR" designator.
  • Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with St. Michael's College's Celtic Studies program have been assigned the new "CLT" designator.