Science, Technology, and Society Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN2743

The Minor in Science, Technology, and Society is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the different ways science and technology shape modern society and, in turn, how society shapes science and technology. From the food we eat to the way we conceive family relations or our obligations to future generations, our daily practices and our beliefs are increasingly influenced by scientific research and its applications. In turn, politics, public opinion, moral beliefs and cultural practices affect scientific and technological development. Courses in this program address such topics as science and values, science-related policy and politics, ethical uses of technology, scientific revolutions and controversies, modeling and communication of scientific research, and knowledge transfer from research to commercial and societal applications.

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

(4.0 credits, no more than 1.0 credit at the 100-level, at least 1.0 credit at the 300+ level)

  1. 0.5 credit from: HPS200H1, HPS202H1, HPS205H1
  2. 1.0 credit from: VIC106H1, VIC107H1, VIC109H1, VIC121H1, VIC122H1, VIC137H1, VIC170Y1, VIC172Y1, VIC206H1, VIC207H1, CRE210H1, CRE235H1, REN242H1, VIC245H1, VIC246H1, CRE247H1, VIC248H1, VIC274H1, VIC301H1, VIC302H1, VIC452H1, REN343H1, CRE335H1, CRE345H1, CRE371H1, VIC377H1, VIC493H1
  3. 1.0 credit from: HPS110H1, HPS206H1, HPS210H1, HPS211H1, HPS212H1, HPS220H1, HPS222H1, HPS240H1, HPS245H1, HPS255H1, HPS260H1, HPS270H1, HPS272H1, HPS307H1, HPS318H1, HPS319H1, HPS324H1, HPS331H1, HPS345H1, HPS346H1, HPS347H1, HPS351H1, HPS354H1, HPS401H1, HPS402H1, HPS420H1, HPS430H1, HPS431H1, HPS440H1, HPS442H1, HPS444H1, HPS450H1, HPS455H1, JPH441H1
  4. An additional 0.5 credit from program requirements (1), (2) and (3) above.
  5. An additional 1.0 credit from program requirements (1), (2) and (3) above and/or from the approved list of cognate courses: ANT204H1, ANT205H1, ANT345H1, ANT357H1, ANT358H1, ANT364H1, BIO220H1, CHC232H1, COG345H1, CSB202H1, CSC300H1, EAS328H1, EEB215H1, ENV200H1, ETH220H1, GGR223H1, GGR251H1, HIS300H1, HIS355H1, HIS423H1, HIS497H1, HMB301H1, JFP450H1, JIG322H1, JGE321H1, PCL389H1, PHL256H1, PHL273H1, PHL281H1, PHL342H1, PHL373H1, PHL377H1, PHL381H1, PHL384H1, PHY202H1, PSY328H1, SOC243H1, SOC250Y1, SOC331H1, SOC356H1, WGS367H1 or another course approved by the program coordinator.