Urban Studies Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN2207

Enrolment Requirements

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Variable Minimum Grade Average
A minimum grade average in required courses is needed for entry, and this minimum changes each year depending on available spaces and the number of applicants. The following courses must be completed:

For students with 4.0 to 8.5 credits:

1.0 credit from one of the following groups:

For students with 9.0 or more credits:

URB235H1 (formerly INI235H1) and URB236H1 (formerly INI236H1), and:

1.0 credit from one of the following groups:

To ensure that students admitted to the program will be successful, applicants with a combined grade average lower than 70% in the required courses will not be considered for admission. Please note that obtaining this minimum grade average does not guarantee admission to the program.

Students are invited to inquire with the program office about possible appropriate substitutions for the courses above.

Completion Requirements

(4.0 credits, including at least 1.0 credit at the 300+ level)

First Year:

1. One of the following selections:

Higher Years:

2. URB235H1 and URB236H1

3. 0.5 credit in URB or JGU courses at the 300-level or above.

4. 1.5 credits in at least two of the following groups, including at least 0.5 credit at the 300-level or above.

Urban Studies:
Any URB or JGU courses not already taken to fulfill requirement 3.

ECO305H1/​ ECO310H1/​ ECO313H1/​ ECO314H1/​ ECO316H1/​ ECO320H1/​ ECO322H1/​ ECO324H1/​ ECO332H1/​ ECO333H1/​ ECO334H1/​ ECO336H1/​ ECO338H1/​ ECO339H1/​ ECO340H1/​ ECO341H1/​ ECO342H1/​ ECO362H1/​ ECO364H1/​ ECO372H1/​ ECO401H1/​ IRE339H1

GGR217H1/​ GGR221H1/​ GGR240H1/​ GGR241H1/​ GGR246H1/​ GGR252H1/​ GGR254H1/​ GGR320H1/​ GGR323H1/​ GGR326H1/​ GGR327H1/​ GGR328H1/​ GGR329H1/​ GGR336H1/​ GGR339H1/​ GGR342H1/​ GGR343H1/​ GGR349H1/​ GGR352H1/​ GGR354H1/​ GGR357H1/​ GGR359H1/​ GGR360H1/​ GGR374H1/​ GGR424H1/​ GGR431H1/​ GGR438H1/​ GGR456H1/​ GGR457H1/​ GGR458H1/​ GGR460H1/​ GGR482H1

HIS220Y1/​ HIS222H1/​ HIS230H1/​ HIS241H1/​ HIS242H1/​ HIS243H1/​ HIS244H1/​ HIS250Y1/​ HIS251Y1/​ HIS262H1/​ HIS265Y1/​ HIS266H1/​ HIS271Y1/​ HIS280Y1/​ HIS282Y1/​ HIS292H1/​ HIS297Y1/​ HIS312H1/​ HIS314H1/​ HIS316H1/​ HIS317H1/​ HIS318H1/​ HIS327H1/​ HIS328H1/​ HIS360H1/​ HIS365H1/​ HIS366H1/​ HIS369H1/​ HIS378H1/​ JHA394H1/​ HIS396H1/​ HIS418H1/​ HIS421H1/​ HIS435H1/​ HIS479H1/​ HIS482H1/​ HIS484H1

Political Science & Public Policy:
JPF455H1/​ JPF456H1/​ POL201H1 (formerly POL201Y1)/ POL214H1 (formerly POL214Y1)/ POL316H1 (formerly POL316Y1)/ POL317H1/​ POL349H1/​ POL361H1/​ POL362H1/​ POL413H1/​ POL438H1/​ POL443H1/​ POL447H1/​ POL464H1/​ POL467H1/​ PPG301H1

SOC205H1/​ SOC207H1/​ SOC208H1/​ SOC210H1/​ SOC214H1/​ SOC220H1/​ SOC243H1/​ SOC246H1/​ SOC249H1/​ SOC260H1/​ SOC280H1/​ SOC282H1/​ SOC303H1/​ SOC304H1/​ SOC306H1/​ SOC308H1/​ SOC309H1/​ SOC311H1/​ SOC312H1/​ SOC325H1/​ SOC335H1/​ SOC339H1/​ SOC356H1/​ SOC360H1/​ SOC363H1/​ SOC364H1/​ SOC365H1/​ SOC366H1/​ SOC367H1/​ SOC372H1/​ SOC383H1/​ SOC478H1/​ SOC486H1

ENV200H1/​ ENV221H1/​ ENV222H1/​ ENV307H1/​ ENV320H1/​ ENV335H1/​ ENV350H1/​ ENV422H1/​ GGR223H1/​ GGR314H1/​ GGR334H1/​ GGR347H1/​ GGR348H1/​ GGR416H1/​ GGR419H1/​ JGE331H1

AFR250Y1/​ ANT200Y1/​ ANT318H1/​ ANT347H1/​ ANT450H1/​ CDN268H1/​ CDN325H1/​ CDN335H1/​ CDN367H1/​ CDN385H1/​ DTS310H1/​ DTS414H1/​ FAH207H1/​ FAH215H1/​ FAH230H1/​ FAH265H1/​ FAH273H1/​ FAH303H1/​ FAH308H1/​ FAH309H1/​ FAH325H1/​ FAH331H1/​ FAH354H1/​ FAH371H1/​ FAH376H1/​ FAH415H1/​ FAH421H1/​ HST305H1/​ HST330H1/​ INS403H1/​ JQR360H1/​ JUG325H1/​ LIN451H1/​ RLG308H1/​ RLG309H1/​ SLA318H1

ARC253H1/​ ARC331Y0/​ VIS327Y0/​ ARC354H1/​ ARC355H1/​ ARC357H1/​ ARC367H1/​ ARC383H1/​ VIS406H1/​ ARC453H1/​ ARC467H1 (For ARC/VIS courses, please see Daniels Calendar)

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with Innis College's Urban Studies program will have the new "URB" designator. Joint JGI courses will also see their designator changed to "JGU."