East Asian Studies Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN1058

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion of the program requires 4.0 credits, meeting the following requirements:

1. EAS103H1 and EAS105H1;
2. 3.0 Society-Culture credits, one of which must be 300/400-level;
3. 1.0 credit may be courses on East Asia offered by other departments.

Language courses cannot be used to fulfil the requirements of the Minor program.

Core Courses
EAS103H1, EAS105H1, EAS209H1

Society-Culture Courses
EAS193H1, EAS194H1, EAS195H1, EAS196H1, EAS197H1, EAS198H1, EAS199H1, EAS218H1, EAS219H1, EAS231H1, EAS235H1, EAS241H1, EAS242H1, EAS243H1, EAS245H1, EAS246H1, EAS247H1, EAS248H1, EAS251H1, EAS256H1, EAS257H1, EAS263H1, EAS270H1, EAS271H1, EAS272H1, EAS273H1, EAS274H1, EAS278H1, EAS279H1, EAS284H1, EAS284Y1, EAS285H1, EAS289Y1, EAS295Y0, EAS296H1, EAS297H1, EAS299Y1, EAS307H1, EAS308H1, EAS309H1, EAS311H1, EAS312H1, EAS314H1, EAS315H1, EAS324H1, EAS327H1, EAS328H1, EAS329H1, EAS330H1, EAS333H1, EAS334H1, EAS334Y1, EAS335H1, EAS338H1, EAS340H1, EAS345Y1, EAS347H1, EAS348H1, EAS349H1, EAS350H1, EAS354H1, EAS357H1, EAS358Y1, EAS361H1, EAS362Y1, EAS363H1, EAS364H1, EAS365H1, EAS366H1, EAS370H1, EAS372H1, EAS372Y1, EAS373H1, EAS374H1, EAS375H1, EAS378H1, EAS380H1, EAS381H1, EAS384H1, EAS386H1, EAS387H1, EAS388H1, EAS391H1, EAS392H1, EAS393H1, EAS394H1, EAS395Y0, EAS396H1, EAS397H1, EAS398H0, EAS398Y0, EAS406Y1, EAS407H1, EAS408H1, EAS409H1, EAS412H1, EAS417H1, EAS418H1, EAS419H1, EAS420H1, EAS421H1, EAS427H1, EAS431H1, EAS432H1, EAS433H1, EAS434H1, EAS435H1, EAS436Y1, EAS439H1, EAS444H1, EAS446H1, EAS447H1, EAS448H1, EAS449H1, EAS454H1, EAS455H1, EAS456H1, EAS457H1, EAS458H1, EAS459Y1, EAS466H1, EAS467H1, EAS468H1, EAS471H1, EAS471Y1, EAS473H1, EAS474H1, EAS475Y1, EAS476H1, EAS477H1, EAS479H1, EAS486H1, EAS488H1, EAS489H1, EAS496H1

Society-Culture Courses on East Asia Offered by Other Departments
ANT341H1, ANT472H1, ANT477H1, CAS201H1, CAS202H1, CAS310H1, CAS320H1, CAS350H1, CAS360H1, CAS370H1, CAS390H1, CAS400H1, CAS413H1, CAS414H1, CAS420H1, CAS430H1, CAS490H1, CDN230H1, CDN390H1, CIN376Y1, FAH260H1, FAH262H1, FAH360H1, FAH363H1, FAH463H1, FAH464H1, FAH465H1, GGR343H1, HIS280Y1, HIS316H1, HIS326H1, HIS328H1, HIS380H1, HIS382H1, HIS385H1, HIS385Y0, HIS485H1, HPS395Y1, JHA384H1, JHA394H1, JPA331H1, MUS215H1, NUS352H0, PHL237H1, PHL334H1, PHL337H1, POL302H1, POL431H1, RLG206H1, RLG356H1, RLG372H1, RLG373H1, RLG374H1, RLG379H1, RLG465H1, SLA280H1