American Studies Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN0135

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(4.0 credits, including 1.0 credit at the 300+ level in at least two American Studies Program disciplinary/thematic clusters, categorized as follows: a) Politics and Economics b) Society (e.g. Indigenous Studies, Anthropology, East Asian Studies, Geography) c) Culture (e.g. Cinema Studies, English, Music, Religion) d) History)

Second year:
1. AMS200H1 (formerly USA200H1)

2. 1.0 credit from the gateway courses in English ( ENG250H1 and either ENG270H1 or ENG235H1), History ( HIS271Y1), Geography ( GGR240H1 and GGR254H1), Political Science ( POL386Y1 or the combination of POL347H1 and POL386H1), or Cinema Studies ( CIN270Y1).

Second, third, and fourth years:
3. 2.5 credits from AMS/USA courses (excluding AMS200H1/​ USA200H1) or from the eligible courses listed below.

*NOTE 1: Other 300+ level courses with American content may be allowed; students should seek early approval of program credit for such courses.

*NOTE 2: The course designator associated with American Studies is being changed from USA to AMS effective Fall 2021. American Studies courses previously coded as USA are considered equivalent to AMS for purposes of course prerequisites and program completion.

*NOTE 3: POL386Y1 will be discontinued and replaced with POL347H1 and POL386H1 effective Fall 2021.

Disciplinary/Thematic Cluster 1: Politics and Economics

ECO306H1/​ POL326H1/​ POL327H1/​ POL347H1/​ POL377H1/​ POL386H1/​ POL386Y1/​ POL326Y1/​ POL379H1/​ POL404Y1/​ POL433H1/​ POL443H1/​ POL464H1

Disciplinary/Thematic Cluster 2: Society

GGR240H1/​ GGR254H1/​ GGR336H1/​ GGR339H1/​ GGR359H1/​ GGR458H1/​ INS302H1/​ INS341H1/​ MUN200H1/​ SOC306H1/​ SOC386H1/​ SOC429H5

Disciplinary/Thematic Cluster 3: Culture

CIN211H1/​ CIN230H1/​ CIN270Y1/​ CIN310Y1/​ CIN334H1/​ CIN335H1/​ CIN374Y1/​ CIN431H1/​ CIN490Y1/​ CIN491H1/​ CIN492H1/​ ENG250H1/​ ENG235H1/​ ENG270H1/​ ENG355Y1/​ ENG360H1/​ ENG363Y1/​ ENG364Y1/​ ENG365H1/​ ENG368H1/​ ENG379H1/​ ENG484H1/​ MUS306H1/​ RLG315H1/​ CAR324H1/​ JLN427H1/​ CDN368H1

Disciplinary/Thematic Cluster 4: History

HIS106Y1/​ HIS202H1/​ HIS221H1/​ HIS222H1/​ HIS271Y1/​ HIS300H1/​ HIS310H1/​ HIS343H1/​ HIS345H1/​ HIS366H1/​ HIS369H1/​ HIS374H1/​ HIS376H1/​ HIS377H1/​ HIS378H1/​ HIS379H1/​ HIS389H1/​ HIS389Y1/​ HIS396H1/​ HIS400H1/​ HIS401H1/​ HIS404H1/​ HIS411H1/​ HIS463H1/​ HIS464H1/​ HIS465Y1/​ HIS473H1/​ HIS479H1/​ HIS484H1/​ HIS487H1/​ HIS497H1

*NOTE: This list of eligible courses is not exhaustive and some courses may not be offered every year. Please visit the CSUS website for more information.

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's Caribbean Studies program will have the new "CAR" designator.