Environmental Geography Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1252

A focus on the human-environment nexus is most explicit in these programs. Students learn about the social, spatial, and biophysical processes that shape society’s relationship to nature, management of resources, and contemporary environmental change. These programs appeal to non-science students who seek an environmental program that allows them to learn more about the natural processes that interact with social factors in shaping environments. These programs offer training in quantitative and qualitative research methods, including GIS and Remote Sensing.

Enrolment Requirements

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Variable Minimum Grade
A minimum grade is needed for entry, and this minimum changes each year depending on available spaces and the number of applicants. The following courses must be completed:

  • 0.5 credit in GGR courses at the 100- or 200-level, with a minimum grade of 67%, or
  • 1.0 credit in GGR courses at the 100- or 200-level, with a minimum grade of 63%

To ensure that students admitted to the program will be successful, applicants with a final grade or grade average lower than the minimum grades stated above will not be considered for admission. Please note that obtaining this minimum final grade does not guarantee admission to the program. Jointly-offered GGR courses will also be considered (e.g. JEG, JGI, JGE).

Completion Requirements

First Year Geography Courses: Any 2 courses (1.0 credit) from GGR107H1 (recommended), JEG100H1, GGR101H1, GGR112H1, GGR124H1, GGR196H1, GGR197H1, GGR198H1, GGR199H1. 200/300-level GGR courses may also be used to meet this requirement. Contact the Undergraduate Administrator to update your program.

Physical and Environmental Geography Courses: Any 2 courses (1.0 credit) from GGR201H1, GGR203H1, GGR205H1, GGR206H1, GGR305H1, GGR308H1, GGR314H1, GGR347H1, GGR348H1, ENV200H1, ENV234H1

Methods & Core Courses: All (1.5 credits) of GGR223H1, GGR270H1, GGR271H1

Regional Geography Courses: Any course (0.5 credit) from GGR240H1, GGR246H1, GGR254H1, GGR341H1, GGR342H1, GGR343H1, GGR344H1

Fourth Year Course: Any course (0.5 credit) at the 400-level from Group A.

Applications: Any 5 courses (2.5 credits) from Group A; up to 1.0 credit can be from Group B; up to 0.5 credit can be from Group C.

Note: At least 2.0 credits must be 300/400-level courses. Of these, at least one 0.5 credit must be at the 400-level (includes Fourth Year Course requirement).

Total credits: 7.0

Group A (Environmental Geography Courses)

GGR201H1, GGR203H1, GGR205H1, GGR206H1, GGR223H1, GGR272H1, GGR273H1, GGR274H1, GGR301H1, GGR305H1, GGR308H1, GGR310H1, GGR314H1, GGR323H1, GGR329H1, GGR332H1, GGR334H1, GGR315H1/​ GGR337H1, GGR338H1, GGR340H1, GGR341H1, GGR347H1, GGR348H1, GGR349H1, GGR372H1, GGR373H1, GGR386H1, GGR387H1, GGR388H1, GGR401H1, GGR405H1, GGR406H1, GGR413H1, GGR414H1/​ GGR415H1, GGR416H1, GGR418H1, GGR419H1, GGR434H1, GGR438H1, GGR481H1, GGR491Y1, GGR492H1, GGR497H1, GGR498H1, JGE321H1, JGE331H1, JIG322H1, JIG440H1, JUG320H1

Group B (School of the Environment Courses)

ENV200H1, ENV234H1, ENV307H1, ENV323H1, ENV333H1, ENV335H1, ENV350H1, ENV395Y0, ENV396Y0, ENV422H1

Group C

Any other GGR, JGE, JIG, JUG courses at the 200/300/400-level not listed in Group A.