Fundamental Genetics and its Applications Major (Science Program) - ASMAJ1050

HMB: Fundamental Genetics and its Applications

The objective of the HMB: Fundamental Genetics and its Applications specialist and major programs are to provide students with a solid foundation in the biological sciences with a focus on genetics and its applications in medicine, environment and biotechnology.

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Required Courses (8.0 credits, including a 0.5 credit at the 400-level)

To help students proceed through the program, it is recommended that first year life science requirements are completed before entering the program.

Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

1. ( CHM135H1 and CHM136H1)/ CHM151Y1
Transfer credits will be accepted in lieu of the chemistry requirements only if they carry a direct exclusion or equivalency to a pre-approved chemistry course

2. MAT135H1/​ PHY131H1/​ PHY151H1/​ CSC108H1/​ CSC110Y1/​ CSC148H1
3. BCH210H1

Biological Foundations of Living Systems

4. BIO120H1, BIO130H1
5. BIO220H1
6. BIO230H1/​ BIO255H1

Courses in Fundamental Genetics

7. HMB265H1/​ BIO260H1
8. HMB321H1

9. 0.5 credit from: HMB360H1/​ HMB421H1/​ HMB435H1/​ HMB437H1/​ HMB474H1/​ BCH311H1/​ BCH425H1/​ BCH426H1/​ BCH440H1/​ BCH445H1/​ BCH448H1/​ CSB328H1/​ CSB331H1/​ CSB340H1/​ CSB349H1/​ CSB351Y1/​ CSB353H1/​ CSB428H1/​ CSB429H1/​ EEB318H1/​ EEB323H1/​ EEB365H1/​ EHJ352H1/​ MGY314H1/​ MGY315H1/​ MGY340H1/​ MGY428H1/​ MGY470H1/​ PSL350H1

Courses in Applied Genetics

10. HMB201H1
11. HMB301H1/​ HMB360H1/​ BCH311H1/​ CSB349H1/​ PSL350H1

12. 0.5 credit from: HMB301H1/​ HMB385H1/​ HMB401H1/​ HMB431H1/​ HMB436H1/​ HMB441H1/​ HMB489H1/​ BCH311H1/​ BCH340H1/​ BCH350H1/​ BCH441H1/​ BCH447H1/​ CSB352H1/​ CSB458H1/​ CSB459H1/​ CSB472H1/​ CSB473H1/​ CSB474H1/​ EEB325H1/​ EEB459H1/​ EEB460H1/​ MGY441H1/​ NFS487H1/​ PHL384H1/​ PSL350H1/​ PSL404H1/​ PSY390H1

Data Analysis and Research-Based Courses

13. 0.5 credit in statistics: EEB225H1/​ STA220H1/​ STA288H1/​ PSY201H1

14. 0.5 credit from: HMB311H1/​ HMB314H1/​ MGY315H1/​ HMB342H1/​ HMB360H1/​ HMB490Y1/​ HMB491Y1/​ HMB496Y1*/ HST373H1/​ MGY314H1/​ MGY377H1/​ MGY378H1

* A research project from a different unit may be accepted with prior written approval from Human Biology.

Fundamental Genetics and its Applications Major Notes:

1. Courses can only count toward one requirement, even if listed as options to multiple requisites of the program.
2. Not all courses listed have priority enrolment for Fundamental Genetics and its Applications majors. Students are responsible for checking priority of courses and meeting course prerequisites for courses they wish to take.
3. The Fundamental Genetics and its Applications major cannot be paired with any other Human Biology Program managed major program.

Course Group

Fundamental Genetics and its Applications Centric Courses

HMB201H1, HMB301H1, HMB311H1, HMB321H1, EHJ352H1, HMB360H1, HMB401H1, HMB421H1, HMB431H1, HMB435H1, HMB441H1