Religion Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ0151

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(6.5 credits)

  1. 1.0 credit from the following 100-level RLG courses: RLG100H1, RLG101H1, RLG102H1, RLG103H1, RLG104H1, RLG106H1, RLG107H1, RLG108H1
  2. No later than the third year of study: RLG200H1. RLG200H1 is a prerequisite for all 400-level courses.
  3. 0.5 credit from RLG201H1 Indigenous Spiritualities and Religion/ RLG202H1 Judaism/ RLG203H1 Christianity/ RLG204H1 Islam/ RLG205H1 Hinduism/ RLG206H1 Buddhism/ RLG208H1 Sikhism/ RLG241H1 The Earliest Christians
  4. 2.0 credits from 300+ level Department for the Study of Religion courses, at least 0.5 credit of which must be in the same tradition as was chosen from #3 above.
    Indigenous Spiritualities and Religion: RLG331H1
    Judaism: RLG313H1, RLG320H1, RLG326H1, RLG330H1, RLG339H1, RLG340H1, RLG341H1, RLG342H1, RLG343H1, RLG344H1, RLG345H1, RLG346H1, RLG347H1, RLG348H1, RLG349H1, RLG379H1, RLG432H1, RLG433H1, RLG434H1, RLG435H1, RLG431H1, RLG448H1, RLG453H1
    Christianity: RLG306H1, RLG313H1, RLG320H1, RLG322H1, RLG323H1, RLG324H1, RLG325H1, RLG326H1, RLG330H1, RLG379H1, RLG441H1, RLG443H1, RLG447H1, RLG448H1, RLG449H1, RLG451H1, RLG452H1, RLG453H1, RLG454H1, RLG455H1
    Islam: RLG312H1, RLG313H1, RLG350H1, RLG351H1, RLG352H1, RLG355H1, RLG356H1, RLG379H1, RLG458H1, RLG481H1
    Hinduism: RLG311H1, RLG358H1, RLG361H1, RLG362H1, RLG363H1, RLG365H1, RLG366H1, RLG368H1, RLG369H1, RLG460H1, RLG462H1, RLG471H1, RLG474H1
    Buddhism: JNR301H1, RLG311H1, RLG371H1, RLG372H1, RLG373H1, RLG374H1, RLG375H1, RLG376H1, RLG379H1, RLG462H1, RLG463H1, RLG465H1, RLG466H1, RLG467H1, RLG468H1, RLG469Y1, RLG470H1, RLG474H1, RLG478H1, RLG479H1
    Sikhism: RLG311H1, RLG386H1, RLG397H1
  5. 2.0 credits chosen from other Department for the Study of Religion courses carrying any of the following designators: RLG, JAR, JCR, JRC, JNR, JRN, JPR, JSR
  6. 0.5 credit from the following capstone integrative courses: RLG404H1, RLG405H1, RLG406H1, RLG407H1, RLG426H1