Certificate in International Affairs (UofT Global Scholar) - ASCER1469

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment Certificate. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the Certificate.

Completion Requirements

(Total: 2.5 credits)

  1. 1.0 credit from EAS100Y1, EAS110Y1, EAS120Y1, EST100H1, EST101H1, FIN100H1, FIN110H1, FSL100H1, FSL102H1, FSL121Y1, GER100Y1, GRK101H1, GRK102H1, HUN100Y1, INS210Y1, INS215Y1, INS220Y1, INS230H1, ITA100Y1, LAT101H1, LAT102H1, MGR100H1, NEW280Y1/​ AFR280Y1, NML110Y1, NML155H1, NML156H1, NML260Y1, NML270Y1, PRT100Y1, PRT120Y1, RLG260H1, RLG261H1, RLG262H1, RLG263H1, RLG264H1, SLA100H1, SLA101H1, SLA105Y1, SLA106H1, SLA107Y1, SLA108Y1, SLA109Y1, SLA116H1, SPA100Y1, SWE100H1, SWE101H1. Other introductory language classes may be approved by the Director of the International Relations Program.

  2. 1.0 credit from TRN250Y1 or ( POL208H1 + one of POL201H1/​ POL205H1/​ POL211H1/​ POL218H1/​ POL219H1/​ POL220H1/​ POL223H1/​ POL224H1)

  3. 0.5 credit gained studying international affairs as part of an international experience.

    Students are encouraged to discuss possible options with the Director of the International Relations Program.

    Transfer credit equivalents of the following courses earned from participation in an international exchange or actual courses completed via the Summer Abroad program will qualify for this requirement:

    ECO324H1/​​ ECO341H1/​​ ECO342H1/​​ ECO362H1/​​ ECO364H1/​​ ECO365H1/​​ ECO368H1/​​ ECO401H1/​ ECO403H1/​ ECO409H1/​ ECO417H1/​ ECO419H1/​ ECO459H1/​ ECO465H1/​ GGR314H1/​​ GGR326H1/​​ GGR329H1/​ HIS324H1/​​ HIS338H1/​​ HIS341Y1/​​ HIS343H1/​​ HIS344H1/​​ HIS359H1/​​ HIS361H1/​​ HIS377H1/​​ HIS379H1/​​ HIS397H1/​​ HIS401H1/​ HIS402H1/​ HIS416H1/​ HIS419H1/​ HIS429H1/​ HIS439H1/​ HIS451H1/​ HIS457H1/​ HIS465Y1/​ HIS470H1/​ HIS473H1/​ HIS479H1/​ HIS492H1/​ HIS493H1/​ HIS494H1/​ HIS498H1/​ JHA384H1/​​ JPA376Y0/​​ NMC378H1/​​ POL324H1/​​ POL326Y1/​ POL329H1/​​ POL340Y1/​​ POL361H1/​​ POL362H1/​​ POL371H1/​​ POL372H1/​​ POL377H1/​ POL409H1/​ POL410H1/​ POL412H1/​ POL413H1/​ POL417Y1/​ POL435H1/​ POL441H1/​ POL442H1/​ POL445H1/​ POL456Y1/​ POL459Y1/​ POL466H1/​ POL467H1/​ POL468H1/​ POL469H1/​ POL472H1/​ POL477H1/​ POL481H1/​ POL486H1/​ POL486Y1/​ POL487H1/​ POL487Y1.

    A Global Classroom course, International Course Module, or Research Excursion Program dealing with some aspect of international affairs not captured in the above list may also fulfill the global experience requirement with approval of the Director of the International Relations Program.

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's African Studies program will have the new "AFR" designator.