Course Changes

This page includes all changes to courses since the 2022-23 Calendar. Any questions about the courses below should be directed to the relevant academic unit.


Courses with Changes to Requisites and/or Breadth Requirement Category

The following table outlines specific type(s) of changes approved for courses effective Fall 2023. Any additional updates or corrections following the initial publication of the Academic Calendar will be noted on the Publication Updates page of the Calendar.

In the following table, the checkmarks indicate the type of change made in each course.

Course Code and Title Changes to Prerequisites Changes to Corequisites Changes to Exclusions Changes to Breadth Requirement Category
ACT348H1 - Life Contingencies II    
ACT349H1 - Corporate Finance for Actuarial Science    
ACT350H1 - Applied Probability for Actuarial Science    
ACT370H1 - Financial Principles for Actuarial Science II      
ACT455H1 - Advanced Life Contingencies      
ACT460H1 - Stochastic Methods for Actuarial Science and Finance      
ACT466H1 - Credibility and Simulation      
ANA300Y1 - Human Anatomy and Histology      
ANA400H1 - Anatomy Dissection      
ANA420H1 - Anatomy of the Stem Cell Niche      
ANT311Y1 - Archaeological Fieldwork      
ANT314H1 - Archaeology of the Pacific Northwest      
ANT315H1 - Arctic Archaeology      
ANT317H1 - Archaeology of Eastern North America      
ANT318H1 - The Preindustrial City and Urban Social Theory      
ANT319Y1 - Archaeology of North America      
ANT320H1 - Ancient Cultures of the Andes      
ANT372H1 - Cultural Property      
ANT406H1 - Lithic Analysis      
ANT407H1 - Inka and Aztec States      
ANT412H1 - Historical Archaeology      
ANT416H1 - Archaeology of Ritual and Identity      
ANT419H1 - Current Debates in Palaeolithic Archaeology      
ANT420H1 - Archaeology of Inequality      
ANT455H1 - Anthropology of the Middle East      
ANT457H1 - Anthropology of Material Culture      
ANT458H1 - Indigenous Health Histories and Canadian Settler Colonialism      
APM306Y1 - Mathematics and Law      
APM421H1 - Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information Theory      
ARH205H1 - Archaeological Inference    
ARH306Y1 - Archaeological Field Methods      
ARH309H1 - Archaeology, Ethics, and the Public      
ARH312Y1 - Archaeological Laboratory      
ARH360H1 - Prehistory of the Near East      
AST425Y1 - Research Topic in Astronomy      
BCB420H1 - Computational Systems Biology      
BCH478H1 - Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory      
BIO130H1 - Molecular and Cell Biology      
BMS100H1 - Introduction to Book & Media Studies      
BMS201H1 - Information Literacy, Writing, and Research for Book & Media Studies      
BMS316H1 - Social Media & Digital Platforms      
BMS319H1 - Media Ethics      
BMS387H1 - Advertising and Media      
BMS392H1 - Media Identities      
CHC379H1 - Major Christian Thinkers, 1300 to present      
CHM210H1 - Chemistry of Environmental Change      
CHM220H1 - Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences      
CHM222H1 - Introduction to Physical Chemistry    
CHM223H1 - Physical Chemistry: The Molecular Viewpoint      
CHM310H1 - Environmental Fate and Toxicity of Organic Contaminants      
CHM326H1 - Introductory Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy      
CHM327H1 - Experimental Physical Chemistry      
CHM328H1 - Modern Physical Chemistry      
CHM355H1 - Introduction to Inorganic and Polymer Materials Chemistry      
CHM395Y1 - Research Project in Chemistry      
CHM414H1 - Biosensors and Chemical Sensors      
CHM443H1 - Physical Organic Chemistry      
CHM456H1 - Organic Materials Chemistry      
CHM457H1 - Polymer Chemistry      
CIN349H1 - Screenwriting      
CLA197H1 - Craft and Wisdom      
CSB428H1 - Cytoskeletal Networks of the Cell      
CSB435H1 - Regulatory Networks and Systems in Molecular Biology      
CSB453H1 - Topics in Cell and Developmental Biology: Biology of Adherens Junctions      
CSB471H1 - Foundational Discoveries in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics: AlphaFold2 and its implications      
CSC240H1 - Enriched Introduction to the Theory of Computation  
CSC265H1 - Enriched Data Structures and Analysis    
CSC317H1 - Computer Graphics      
CSC343H1 - Introduction to Databases      
CSC384H1 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence    
CSC494H1 - Computer Science Project      
CSC495H1 - Computer Science Project      
DRM101Y1 - Introduction to Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies      
DRM200Y1 - Performance I    
DRM202H1 - Directing I      
DRM220Y1 - Comparative Theatre Histories      
DRM254H1 - Design and Production I      
DRM300Y1 - Performance II    
DRM328H1 - Playwriting II    
DRM331H1 - Dramaturgy      
DRM366H1 - Canadian Theatre      
DRM368H1 - Devised Theatre    
DRM400H1 - Advanced Performance      
DRM403Y1 - Mainstage Performance  
DRM454H1 - Advanced Design      
DRM455H1 - Advanced Production      
DTS199H1 - Superman and Other Migrants      
ECO101H1 - Principles of Microeconomics      
ECO105Y1 - Principles of Economics for Non-Specialists      
ECO225H1 - Big-Data Tools for Economists      
ECO313H1 - Environmental Economics and Policies      
ECO320H1 - Economic Analysis of Law      
ECO324H1 - Economic Development      
ECO325H1 - Advanced Economic Theory - Macro      
ECO333H1 - Urban Economics      
ECO336H1 - Public Economics      
ECO337H1 - Public Economics (for Commerce)      
ECO339H1 - Labour Economics: Employment, Wages and Public Policy      
ECO340H1 - Labour Economics: The Distribution of Earnings      
ECO341H1 - The Economic History of the 20th Century: Trade, Migration, Money and Finance before 1945      
ECO342H1 - Twentieth Century Economic History: Institutions, Growth and Inequality      
ECO358H1 - Financial Economics I      
ECO359H1 - Financial Economics II: Corporate Finance      
ECO365H1 - International Monetary Economics      
ECO380H1 - Markets, Competition, and Strategy      
ECO381H1 - Personnel Economics      
ECO404H1 - Topics in Managerial Economics      
ECO428H1 - Classical Economic Thought      
ECO466H1 - Empirical Macroeconomics and Policy      
ECO475H1 - Applied Econometrics II      
EEB365H1 - Topics in Applied Conservation Biology      
EEB430H1 - Modeling in Ecology and Evolution      
EEB434H1 - Marine Ecology      
EEB459H1 - Population Genetics      
EEB462H1 - Phylogenetic Inference: Methods and Applications      
ENV316H1 - Laboratory and Field Methods in Environmental Science      
ENV432H1 - Urban Ecology      
ESS311H1 - Aqueous Geochemistry      
ESS322H1 - Igneous Petrology      
ESS331H1 - Sedimentation and Stratigraphy      
ESS423H1 - Mineral Deposits      
ESS441H1 - Advanced Structural Geology      
FAH303H1 - Emergence of Greek Civilisation      
FAH307H1 - Ancient Art, Migration, and the Barbarian ‘Other’      
FAH308H1 - City of Athens: Art, Politics and Society      
FAH309H1 - City of Rome      
FAH310H1 - Greek Vase Painting      
FAH311H1 - Greek Sculpture      
FAH312H1 - Art of the Hellenistic Age      
FAH314H1 - Eroticism in Ancient Art      
FAH318H1 - Monastic Art and Architecture      
FAH319H1 - Illuminated Manuscripts      
FAH327H1 - Secular Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages      
FAH328H1 - Gothic Cathedral      
FAH330H1 - German Art and Architecture in the Age of Dürer      
FAH331H1 - Netherlandish Renaissance Art and Culture      
FAH335H1 - The Art of Love in the Renaissance      
FAH337H1 - Rivalry, Imitation and Envy in Italian Renaissance Art      
FAH338H1 - Art and Consumers in the Renaissance (1400-1700)      
FAH340H1 - 17th-Century Art of the Netherlands      
FAH341H1 - Venetian Renaissance Art and Architecture      
FAH345H1 - The Romantic Movement in French Art      
FAH346H1 - Impressionism      
FAH347H1 - Cubism and Related Movements      
FAH348H1 - The Dada and Surrealist Tradition      
FAH349H1 - Abstraction in Twentieth-Century Art      
FAH350H1 - Minimalism      
FAH352H1 - 19th Century Photography      
FAH353H1 - On Display: Cultures of Exhibition, 1789-1900      
FAH360H1 - World of the Senses: Chinese Decorative Arts      
FAH363H1 - The Mechanics of the Image in China      
FAH364H1 - Visual South Asia      
FAH370H1 - European Renaissance Architecture      
FAH371H1 - Architecture and Urbanism in Baroque Europe      
FAH373H1 - Modern Architecture Since 1890      
FAH391Y0 - Studies Abroad in Ancient Art and Architecture      
FAH392Y0 - Studies Abroad in Medieval Art and Architecture      
FAH393Y0 - Studies Abroad in Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture      
FAH394Y0 - Studies Abroad in Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture      
FAH395Y0 - Studies Abroad in Canadian Art and Architecture      
FAH396Y0 - Studies Abroad in Asian Art and Architecture      
FAH397Y0 - Studies Abroad in Architectural History      
FRE246H1 - Introduction to French Literary Analysis      
FRE274H1 - Introduction to the Linguistic Analysis of French      
FRE386H1 - French Semantics      
FSL224H1 - Practical French for Exploring Linguistics      
FSL225H1 - Practical French for Exploring Literature      
FSL320H1 - Intermediate French III      
FSL322H1 - Intermediate French IV      
FSL415H1 - Business French      
FSL443H1 - Advanced Oral French II      
FSL472H1 - Reading and Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction in French      
FSL475H1 - Creative Writing in French    
GGR223H1 - Geomorphology      
GGR270H1 - Introductory Analytical Methods      
GGR301H1 - Fluvial Geomorphology      
GGR314H1 - Global Warming      
GGR372H1 - GIS for Public Health      
GGR373H1 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems      
GGR433H1 - Built Environment and Health      
GGR462H1 - GIS Research Project      
HIS293H1 - The Making of the Atlantic World, 1480-1804      
HIS300H1 - Energy and Environment in Canadian History      
HIS393H1 - Digital History      
HIS407H1 - Imperial Germany, 1871-1918      
HIS418H1 - Themes in Canadian Environmental History      
HIS443H1 - Space and Sense in the Early Modern World      
HST405H1 - Global Migration and Health      
INI100H1 - The City Where Movies Are Made      
INI101H1 - Blogging the Just City      
INI102H1 - Telling the Stories of the City: Writing Creative Non-Fiction      
INI106H1 - Writing Literary Journalism: Telling the Stories of the City      
IRE242H1 - HRM for Industrial Relations and HR Professionals      
IRE244H1 - Labour Relations    
IRE260H1 - Organizational Behaviour      
IRE339H1 - Labour Markets and Public Policy      
IRE342H1 - Essentials of Finance and Accounting    
IRE347H1 - Training & Development      
IRE348H1 - Recruitment & Selection      
IRE367H1 - Compensation      
IRE430H1 - Canadian Employment Law & the Non-Union Workplace    
IRE446H1 - Working as an Internal Organizational Consultant      
IRE447H1 - Contemporary Challenges Facing Today's Organizations      
IRE472H1 - Negotiations      
JNS450H1 - Sexuality & Disability    
JPE493H1 - Seismology    
JQR360H1 - The Canadian Census: Populations, Migrations and Demographics      
LMP301H1 - Introduction to the Biochemistry of Human Disease      
LMP363H1 - Principles of Pathobiology      
MAT237Y1 - Multivariable Calculus with Proofs      
MAT244H1 - Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations    
MAT329Y1 - Concepts in Elementary Mathematics      
MGT230H1 - Introduction to Financial Markets    
MUN101H1 - Global Innovation I: Issues and Perspectives      
MUN102H1 - Global Innovation II: Challenges and Solutions      
MUN105Y1 - Global Problem-Solving: Laboratory Opportunities      
NEW101H1 - The Everyday Politics of Food      
NEW102H1 - Exploring Multilingual Toronto      
NEW103H1 - Digital Technology and Society      
NEW104H1 - Creating Community: Art, Identity and Belonging      
NEW105H1 - Current Issues Without Borders I      
NEW106H1 - Science, Health and Social Justice      
NEW111H1 - Food, Ethics and Sustainability      
NEW112H1 - Language Freedom and Power      
NEW113H1 - Unpacking Digital Technology      
NEW114H1 - Art for Social Change      
NEW115H1 - Current Issues Without Borders II      
NEW116H1 - Science and Global Threats      
PCL200H1 - Drugs & the Brain      
PCL472Y1 - Project in Pharmacology      
PCL474Y1 - Project in Toxicology      
PCL477H1 - The DNA Damage Response in Pharmacology and Toxicology      
PCL490H1 - Advanced Topics in Pharmacology and Toxicology      
PDC330H1 - Arts & Science Internship Program - Professional Skill Development I      
PHL196H1 - Philosophy, Film, and Social Criticism  
PHL199H1 - Ethics and Fiction  
PHY100H1 - The Magic of Physics      
PHY131H1 - Introduction to Physics I      
PHY132H1 - Introduction to Physics II      
PHY202H1 - The Physics of Science Fiction and Gaming      
PHY205H1 - The Physics of Everyday Life      
PHY207H1 - The Physics of Music      
PHY331H1 - Introduction to Biological Physics      
PHY350H1 - Electromagnetic Theory      
PHY356H1 - Quantum Mechanics I      
PHY365H1 - Quantum Information      
PHY431H1 - Topics in Biological Physics      
PHY489H1 - Introduction to High Energy Physics      
POL418H1 - Human Security and Intra-state Conflicts in the Global South      
POL432H1 - Feminist Political Thought      
PSY201H1 - Statistics I    
PSY202H1 - Statistics II      
PSY203H1 - Psychological Research    
PSY230H1 - Personality and Its Transformations      
PSY240H1 - Introduction to Psychopathology and Clinical Science      
PSY290H1 - Behavioural Neuroscience      
PSY311H1 - Social Development      
PSY312H1 - Cognitive Development      
PSY313H1 - Psychology of Aging      
PSY316H1 - Perceptual Development      
PSY320H1 - Social Psychology: Attitudes      
PSY321H1 - Cross-Cultural Psychology      
PSY322H1 - Intergroup Relations      
PSY323H1 - Sex Roles and Behaviour      
PSY324H1 - Moral Thought and Behaviour      
PSY326H1 - Social Cognition      
PSY328H1 - Psychology and the Law      
PSY330H1 - Psychological Measurement      
PSY331H1 - Social Psychology of Emotion      
PSY332H1 - Organizational Behaviour      
PSY333H1 - Health Psychology      
PSY336H1 - Positive Psychology      
PSY337H1 - Advanced Personality Psychology      
PSY341H1 - Psychopathologies of Childhood      
PSY342H1 - Cognition and Psychopathology      
PSY343H1 - Theories of Psychopathology and Psychotherapy      
PSY360H1 - Associative Learning      
PSY362H1 - Animal Cognition      
PSY370H1 - Thinking and Reasoning      
PSY371H1 - Higher Cognitive Processes      
PSY372H1 - Human Memory      
PSY378H1 - Engineering Psychology      
PSY380H1 - Vision Science      
PSY390H1 - Behavioural Genetics      
PSY395H1 - Neuroethics      
PSY396H1 - Neurochemical Basis of Behaviour      
PSY397H1 - Biological Rhythms      
PSY407H1 - Special Topics in Psychology      
PSY408H1 - Special Topics in Psychology      
PSY414H1 - Moral Development      
PSY417H1 - Aging and Social Cognition      
PSY421H1 - Person Perception      
PSY424H1 - Social Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships      
PSY425H1 - Self and Identity      
PSY426H1 - Motivational Theories in Social Psychology      
PSY427H1 - Media Psychology    
PSY428H1 - Critical Psychology      
PSY473H1 - Social Cognitive Neuroscience      
PSY475H1 - Attention and Performance      
PSY492H1 - Neurobiology of Learning and Memory      
PSY493H1 - Cognitive Neuroscience      
PSY494H1 - Physiology and Psychology of Emotion      
PSY495H1 - Sex and the Brain      
PSY496H1 - Cognitive Dysfunction in Neurological Disorders      
RLG309H1 - Religion and Human Rights      
RLG318H1 - Sacred & Secular Nature in the Christian West      
RSM361H1 - Human Resource Management      
RSM370H1 - Supply Chain Management    
RSM437H1 - International Finance      
RSM457H1 - Strategic Marketing Communication      
RSM458H1 - Branding Strategy      
RSM459H1 - Business Design      
RSM466H1 - Environmental and Social Responsibility      
SLA253H1 - Origins of Russia and Ukraine  
SMC155H1 - SMC One: The McLuhan Seminar in Creativity and Technology      
SMC165H1 - SMC One: The Boyle Seminar in Scripts and Stories      
SMC185H1 - SMC One: The Christianity, Truth and Reconciliation Seminar      
SMC188H1 - SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Ideas      
SMC189H1 - SMC One: The Gilson Seminar in Faith and Rome      
SOC202H1 - Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Sociology      
SOC204H1 - Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Sociology      
SPA352H1 - Court and Country in Early Modern Spain      
SPA354H1 - Parody and Comedy in Early Modern Spanish Literature      
STA130H1 - An Introduction to Statistical Reasoning and Data Science      
STA220H1 - The Practice of Statistics I      
STA237H1 - Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis I    
STA238H1 - Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis II    
STA255H1 - Statistical Theory    
TRN125Y1 - Contemporary Issues in Health Science      
TRN135Y1 - Science and Social Choice      
TRN136Y1 - Canadian Health Policy in the Global Context      
TRN140Y1 - Ethics, Humans, and Nature      
TRN141Y1 - Environmental Science and Pathways to Sustainability      
TRN150Y1 - National versus International      
TRN151Y1 - Global Governance      
TRN152Y1 - Justice & Global Conflict      
TRN160Y1 - Public Policy and the Public Good      
TRN161Y1 - Making Public Policy Work      
TRN162Y1 - Political Economy andSocial Inequality      
TRN170Y1 - Ethics and the Creative Imagination      
TRN171Y1 - Ethics and the Public Sphere      
TRN172Y1 - Ethics and the Law      
TRN225Y1 - The Art of Health Science Discovery      
UNI101H1 - Citizenship in the Canadian City      
UNI102H1 - Performing the City I      
UNI103H1 - Gradients of Health in an Urban Mosaic      
UNI104H1 - Sex in the City      
UNI106H1 - Performing the City II      
VIC150Y1 - School and Society      
VIC151Y1 - Theories and Practices of Teaching      
VIC162H1 - Cultural Forms and Their Meanings      
VIC163H1 - Cultural Forms and Their Meanings: People and Ideas      
VIC164H1 - Ideas and Their Consequences: Literary and Artistic Realms of the Imagination      
VIC165H1 - Ideas and Their Consequences: Isolation and Communion in Modern Culture      
VIC166H1 - Common Vices and Neglected Virtues: Intro to Ethics of Character      
VIC167H1 - Ideas and Fine Thoughts      
VIC168H1 - Identity and Equality in the Public Sphere      
VIC169H1 - Ethical Living in a Pluralistic World      
VIC170Y1 - The Impact of Science on Our Society      
VIC171Y1 - Methodology, Theory and Practice in the Natural Sciences      
VIC172Y1 - Physical Sciences Today      
VIC173Y1 - Philosophy of Science for Physical Scientists      
VIC181H1 - Events in the Public Sphere: World Affairs      
VIC183H1 - Individuals and the Public Sphere: Shaping Memory      
VIC184H1 - Individuals and the Public Sphere: History, Historiography and Making Cultural Memory      
VIC185H1 - Events in the Public Sphere: Social Justice      
VIC186H1 - The Art and Literature of Leadership 1      
VIC186Y1 - The Art and Literature of Leadership      
VIC187H1 - Prosperity, Justice, and Sustainability: Introduction to Public Policy      
VIC188H1 - Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability, and Ethics      
VIC189H1 - The Art and Literature of Leadership 2      
VIC190Y1 - The Arts and Society      
VIC191Y1 - Artistic Creation and Public Issues      
VIC207H1 - Genetic Technologies: Scientific Promises and Ethical Dilemmas    
VIC452H1 - Work-Integrated Capstone Course      


New Courses

The following table outlines new courses that have been approved for Fall 2023. New courses can include renumbered and reweighted courses.

Course Code and Title
AFR251H1 - Language, Freedom and Linguistic Human Rights in Africa
AFR270H1 - African Literature and the Politics of Storytelling
AFR298H1 - Popular Uprisings in Africa
AFR452H1 - Kiswahili in a Globalized World
ANA200H1 - Human Visceral Anatomy
ANT215H1 - Fight the Power!: A Global History of Resistance and Revolution
ANT325H1 - Indigenous Archaeologies
ANT352H1 - Anthropology of Life and Death
ANT382H1 - Special Topics in Biocultural Medical Anthropology
ANT463H1 - Anthropology of Racial Capitalism and Dispossession
ANT465H1 - Ethnographic Practicum: Toronto Tours
ARH100Y1 - Introduction to Archaeology
BMS312Y0 - Open Topics in Book & Media Studies
BMS320H1 - Media and Trauma
BMS391H1 - The Media Franchise
BMS393H1 - Media Ecology
BPM498H1 - Advanced Topics in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health
CDN370H1 - Special Topics in Canadian Studies
CDN470H1 - Special Topics in Canadian Studies
CHC378H1 - Major Christian Thinkers, up to 1300
CJS301H1 - Community and Identity
CJS331H1 - Encounters between Jewish and Modern Thought
CLT244H1 - Lowland Scots Language and Literature
CLT336H1 - Sport in Ireland
CLT420H1 - Ireland, Race and Empires
COG370H1 - Special Topics in Cognitive Science
COG470H1 - Special Topics in Cognitive Science
COG471H1 - Special Topics in Cognitive Science
CRE201H1 - Introduction to Creativity and Society
CRE349H1 - Special Topics in Creativity
CRE375H1 - Histories of Creativity
CRE449H1 - Special Topics in Creativity
CSB360H1 - Genetic Foundation of Molecular Biology
CSC310H1 - Information Theory
EAS343H1 - A History of Sushi
ECO250Y0 - Special Topics Abroad in Economics
ECO317H1 - Concepts of Fairness in Economics
ECO424H1 - Topics in Experimental Economics
ECO482H1 - Machine Learning Applications in Macroeconomic Finance
ENV397Y0 - Costa Rica: A Living Laboratory for Sustainability in Practice
ENV463H1 - Edible Campus
ESS424H1 - Metamorphic Petrology
FAH304H1 - Architecture of Ancient Greece
FAH351H1 - Black Art in North America
FAH451H1 - Studies in Black Art
FRE384H1 - Teaching French as a Second Language
FSL195Y0 - French Language in Tours I
FSL295Y0 - French Language in Tours II
GGR376H1 - Geovisualization
GGR377H1 - Introduction to Urban Data Analytics
GGR432H1 - China in the Global Political Economy
GGR437H1 - Geographies of Waste
GGR473H1 - Geospatial Big Data
HIS190H1 - Freedom Schools
HIS195H1 - Remembering and Forgetting
HIS247H1 - The Second World War: A Global History
HIS301H1 - World War II France
HIS311H1 - Canada in the World
HIS322H1 - Topics in African History
HIS335H1 - Canadian Legal Histories
HIS350H1 - Topics in European Histories
HIS362H1 - Topics in Early American History
HIS375H1 - Crime and Punishment in the Early Modern World
HIS381H1 - Youth in the Early Modern World
HIS425H1 - From the Weimar Republic to Nazi Germany: How Do Democracies Die?
HIS430H1 - The Two Germanies and the Cold War, 1949-1989
HIS450H1 - Senior Seminar in African Histories
HIS468H1 - Commemorations and Public History in Canada, 1800-2000
HIS469H1 - Upper Canada: Creating a Settler Society, 1790s-1860s
HPS212H1 - Global Digital: Information, Computing, and Communication in the Modern World
HPS347H1 - History of Autism Across Time and Cultures
HPS480H1 - Special Topics in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
IMM432H1 - Case Studies in Autoimmune Diseases
ITA333H1 - Identity Politics in Renaissance Italy
ITA349H1 - Black Italian Cultural Production
JAA377H1 - Black Radical Theory from the Global South: Anthropological Perspectives
JGC439H1 - The Problem and Promise of Caribbean Freedom
JIH366H1 - Indigenous Histories of the Great Lakes, 1815 to the Present
JIH369H1 - Great Lakes Indigenous Histories to 1830
JIH460H1 - Indigenous Histories of North America
JPS316H1 - Indigenous Feminist and Queer Theories
MAT403H1 - Classical Geometries II
MUN195H1 - The Economics of Birth, Death and Everything in Between
MUN196H1 - Somebody’s Watching Me: The Global Politics of Surveillance
MUN197H1 - Strong States or Weak People? Dictatorships in Modern Europe
MUN198H1 - Digital Technologies and Human Rights
MUN310H1 - Independent Study in Global Affairs & Public Policy
NMC280H1 - The Caliphate: Early Islamic History from Ancient Arabia to the Abbasid Empire
NMC281H1 - Islamic History from the Crusades to Slave Sultans
NMC330H1 - King David: Musician, Monarch, or Murderer?
NMC331H1 - Samson: Lover, Liar, lion-slayer
NMC340H1 - History of Late Antique & Early Islamic Iran
NMC341H1 - Safavid Iran: Reign of the Shahs
NMC366H1 - Archaeology of Mesopotamia I: Rise of Civilization
NMC369H1 - Archaeology of Mesopotamia II: States and Empires
NMC388H1 - The Rise of the Ottomans
NMC389H1 - The Ottoman Empire in its Classical Age
NML460H1 - Advanced Persian I
NML463H1 - Advanced Persian II
PCL397Y1 - Research Abroad in Pharmacology and Toxicology
PHL236H1 - Buddhist Philosophy
PHL329H1 - Topics in 20th Century Continental Philosophy
PHL330H1 - Contemporary Continental Philosophy
POL212H1 - Understanding War
POL333H1 - Global Politics and Global Political Thought
POL348H1 - Privilege and Race in Global Perspective
POL352H1 - Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
POL444H1 - Land and Indigenous Politics
POL470H1 - Media & Politics
PSY422H1 - Community Psychology & Advocacy
REN340H1 - The Global Renaissance
RLG105H1 - Spirituality, Religion, and the Environment
RLG215H1 - New Religious Movements
RLG217H1 - Black Diaspora Religions
RLG218H1 - Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Religion
RLG328H1 - Religion, Race, and the Legacy of Cain and Abel
RLG396H1 - The Soul of Food: Religion, Food, and the Construction of Community
RLG461H1 - Buddhism and Indigeneity
RSM359H1 - Creative Thinking and Business Problem Solving
RSM371H1 - Data and Information Management for Business Analytics
RSM406H1 - Special Topics in Management
RSM407H1 - Special Topics in Management
RSM408H1 - Special Topics in Management
RSM409H1 - Special Topics in Management
SDS246H1 - Queer Digital Media Studies
SLA201H1 - Slavic and East European Civilizations
SOC199H1 - Living Together Differently in the 21st Century: Israel as a case study
SOC215H1 - Sociology of Organizations
SOC225H1 - Canadian Society
SOC317H1 - Urban Policy
SOC327H1 - Sociology of Sports
SOC375H1 - Sociology of the City
SOC380H1 - Sociology of Hip Hop
SOC470H1 - Sociology of Martial Arts
SPA344H1 - The Spanish Sensorium
SPA377H1 - Central American Literature: Narratives of War
SPA378H1 - Central America Postwar Narrative
SPA427H1 - Spanish Language Teaching as Reflective Practice
URB440H1 - The Changing Culture of Regent Park
URB442H1 - Urban Studio: Public Participation in Policy Making
VIC196H1 - Renaissance Queens
VIC248H1 - Genetics in the Movies: Mad Scientists, Clones, Superhumans, and Designer Babies
VIC396H0 - International Internship Opportunity
WRR313H1 - Visual Rhetoric
WRR314H1 - Writing for Social Change: A Community-Engaged Learning Experience


Courses No Longer Offered (Permanently Retired)

The following table outlines courses that have been approved to be retired effective Fall 2023.

Course Code and Title
AFR453H1 - Language and Postcolonial Education in East Africa
AFR453Y1 - Language and Postcolonial Education in East Africa
ANA496H1 - Independent Research Project
ANA497H1 - Independent Research Project
ANT198H1 - Nature: A Cultural Introduction
ANT368H1 - Nature Culture Human
ANT476H1 - Body, Self and Sociality
BPM430H1 - Jungian Interpretation of Buddhism
CDN230H1 - Asian Canadian History
CHM195H1 - Innovative Teaching Methods in Chemistry
CJS401H1 - Community & Identity
CJS430H1 - Encounters between Jewish and Modern Thought
CSC120H1 - Computer Science for the Sciences
ECO463H1 - Financial Market Innovation
ENG205H1 - Rhetoric
ENV382H0 - Special Topics Field Course in Environment
ENV395Y1 - Special Topics Field Course
ESS323H1 - Metamorphic Petrology
FIN235H1 - Finnish Literature 1800 to Present
FSL473H1 - Oral French in Context
GGR241H1 - Geographies of Urban Social Exclusion
GGR352H1 - Understanding Spatiality
GGR420H1 - Critical Development Geography
GGR452H1 - Space, Power, Geography: Understanding Spatiality
GGR457H1 - The Post-War Suburbs
HIS202H1 - Gender, Race and Science
HIS310H1 - Histories of North American Consumer Culture
HIS311Y1 - Introduction to Canadian International Relations
HIS324H1 - British Imperial Experience, 1600-2000
HIS336H1 - Medieval Spain
HIS357Y1 - A Social History of Renaissance Europe
HIS366H1 - Indigenous Histories of the Great Lakes from 1815 to the Present
HIS369H1 - Indigenous Histories of the Great Lakes, to 1830
HIS376H1 - The United States: Now and Then
HIS402H1 - Canada and Decolonization
HIS429H1 - Canada and Empire in the Twentieth Century
HIS463H1 - Cloth in American History to 1865
HIS472H1 - Indigenous-Newcomer Relations in Canadian History
HIS473H1 - The United States and Asia since 1945
HIS486H1 - Writing and Masculinity in Africa
IRE240H1 - Introduction to Employment Relations
IRE349H1 - Topics in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
IRE473H1 - Sociology of Industrial Relations
IRE474H1 - Labour Arbitration
IRE493H1 - Advanced Topics in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
JAH391H1 - Topics in Anthropology and History
JAH391Y0 - Topics in Anthropology and History
NMC273Y1 - Early Islamic History: The Prophet and the Caliphates
NMC348Y1 - History of Iran: From the Sasanians to the Safavids
NMC363H1 - Archaeology of Mesopotamia
NMC377Y1 - Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age
PCL481H1 - The Molecular and Biochemical Basis of Toxicology
PHL322H1 - Contemporary Continental Philosophy
POL194H1 - First-Year Foundation Seminar: Race
POL252H1 - Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
POL373H1 - Emotions in Political Theory
POL401H1 - Political Parties in Comparative Perspective
POL409H1 - Political Economy of Technology: From the Auto-Industrial to the Information Age
POL446H1 - 20th-Century Political Thought
POL450H1 - Women and Politics
RLG194H1 - Great Confrontations in Ancient Israel
RLG306H1 - Anthropology of Christianity
RLG340H1 - Classical Jewish Theology
RLG443H1 - Genealogies of Christianity
RSM452H1 - Creativity and Business Innovation
SDS346H1 - Queer Digital Media Studies
SLA103H1 - Slavic Civilizations
SOC199Y1 - How We Use Time in Everyday Life
SOC338H1 - Sociology of Women and Work
SOC343H1 - Neighbourhoods & Communities in Canada
SOC366H1 - Sociology of Women and Work
SOC384H1 - Neighbourhoods & Communities in Canada
SOC455H1 - Researching from a Social Network Perspective
SOC484H1 - Children of Immigrants
SPA389H1 - Central American Literature: Narratives of War
SPA456H1 - Transatlantic Hispanic Baroque: Crisis and Disenchantment
SPA488H1 - Central America Postwar Narrative
SWK301H1 - Qualitative Research Methods: Meaning-Making in Social Contexts
SWK302H1 - Aging, Law and Policy
WRR204H1 - The Academic Writing Process
WRR301H1 - Contemporary Issues and Written Discourse: Rhetoric and the Print Media
WRR413H1 - Visual Rhetoric of the Aesthetic Movement
WRR414H1 - Writing for Social Change