Business Fundamentals

Faculty List

Select faculty from the Rotman School of Management will be teaching the Business Fundamentals courses.


The Rotman School of Management offers a Certificate in Business Fundamentals, available to students across Arts & Science who are interested in enhancing their discipline-specific education with an introduction to business. The four courses of the Certificate cover a range of domains across the business spectrum. The courses are taught in a manner which makes them accessible to students from a variety of core disciplines.

The Certificate in Business Fundamentals was offered for the first time as of Fall 2021. The first two courses for the Certificate, MGT100H1 and MGT201H1 were offered in the 2021-22 Fall/Winter Session. All four courses, including MGT230H1 and MGT250H1, will be offered every year as of the 2022-23 Fall/Winter Session.

Registration Instructions for Faculty of Arts & Science students can be found in the Program Toolkit and Course Enrolment Instructions sections of the Arts & Science website.

General inquiries should be directed to your College Registrar's office.