Sexual Diversity Studies Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE1240

The Sexual Diversity Studies program (Specialist, Major, Minor) enables students to explore, analyze, and challenge the ways in which sexuality shapes people’s lives in both local and global contexts. The program provides vibrant interdisciplinary scholarship and academic learning on the historical and contemporary formations of sexual practices at the intersections of race, class, gender, disability, and citizenship status, among other social relations and processes. Our courses are designed to foster critical conversations of queer and normative sexualities; the formation of sexual, racial, and gender, and gender-non-conforming personhood; and the role of sexuality in culture and politics both in North America and transnationally.

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(10.0 credits, including 4.0 credits at the 300+ level, 1.0 credit of which must be at the 400-level.)

1. One course from: WGS160Y1, NEW240H1/​ CSE240H1, or SOC209H1. Students may substitute with another introductory course that emphasizes intersectionality of sexuality, with the approval of the Director or Undergraduate Director.

2. SDS Foundational Courses (1.5 credits):

3. Thematic Clusters (3.0 credits): 1.0 credit from each of the three Thematic Clusters.

4. Capstone (1.0 credit): SDS460Y1

5. Other Electives (3.5-4.0 credits): Remaining credits selected from the SDS Electives Group

ANT441H1, ANT456H1, ANT474H1, CAS360H1, CIN213H1, CIN336H1, CLA319H1, CRI380H1, ENG273Y1, GGR456H1, HIS417Y1, ITA315H1, ITA332H1, JNH350H1, JNS450H1, JPS315H1, JPS378H1, JSU237H1, JSU325H1, NEW240H1/​ CSE240H1, NEW241Y1/​ CSE241Y1, NEW344H1/​ CSE344H1, NMC357H1, NMC358H1, PHL243H1, PHS300H1, POL377H1, PSY323H1, RLG235H1, RLG311H1, RLG312H1, RLG313H1, SDS199H1, SDS255H1, SDS256H1, SDS279H1, SDS345H1, SDS346H1, SDS355H1, SDS365H1, SDS375H1, SDS376H1, SDS377H1, SDS378H1, SDS380H1, SDS381H1, SDS382H1, SDS385H1, SDS425H1, SDS455H1, SDS456Y1, SDS458H1, SDS459Y1, SDS460Y1, SDS465H1, SDS470H1, SDS478H1, SDS485H1, SDS490Y1, SOC209H1, SOC309H1, VIC343H1/​ REN343H1, WGS160Y1, WGS275H1, WGS374H1, WGS480H1, WGS481H1, WGS369H1, WGS374H1

Other courses, such as Special Topics courses in other Departments or Programs, may be approved by the Director or Undergraduate Director on an individual basis. Students are responsible for checking co- and prerequisites for courses from the SDS Electives Group.

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity program will have the new "CSE" designator. In addition, courses associated with Victoria College's Renaissance Studies program will have the new "REN" designator.