Astronomy & Physics Specialist (Science Program) - ASSPE0271

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

The Astronomy & Physics Specialist program combines rigorous training in the full spectrum of core physics subfields with their application in astronomy. Lecture courses are complemented by practical courses, and the program culminates in a supervised research project, where all the skills learned are used, and which is intended to be published.

(14.0 credits, including at least 4.0 credits at the 300+ level, and at least 1.0 credit at the 400-level)

First Year:
MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1, MAT223H1/​ MAT240H1; PHY151H1, PHY152H1

Second Year:
AST221H1, AST222H1; MAT237Y1/​ MAT257Y1/​ MAT235Y1, MAT244H1/​ MAT267H1; PHY250H1, PHY252H1, PHY256H1
( MAT237Y1, MAT244H1 recommended)

Third Year:
1. APM346H1; AST320H1, AST325H1/​ AST326Y1; PHY224H1, PHY254H1, PHY354H1, PHY356H1
2. One of MAT224H1, MAT327H1, MAT334H1, MAT363H1, STA257H1

Fourth Year:
1. AST425Y1; PHY350H1
2. 0.5 credit from PHY324H1, PHY357H1, PHY358H1, PHY385H1, PHY407H1, PHY408H1, PHY483H1, JPE395H1
3. 1.0 credit from AST430H1, PHY450H1, PHY454H1, PHY456H1, PHY460H1, PHY483H1, PHY484H1, PHY495H1
4. AST310H1/​ ENV222H1/​ ENV333H1/​ ESS205H1/​ HPS200H1/​ JPH441H1/​ PHL273H1/​ VIC172Y1, or another course with a significant emphasis on Social and Ethical Responsibility approved by the Undergraduate Chair.

1. Second-year students who wish to keep open the option of pursuing a physics specialist degree should consider taking PHY254H1 in 2nd year.
2. Third-year students are invited and fourth-year students are expected to attend the weekly departmental colloquia.