Statistics Minor (Science Program) - ASMIN2289

Statistical Science encompasses methods and tools for obtaining knowledge from data and for understanding the uncertainty associated with this knowledge.
The Minor in Statistics is designed to provide students with some exposure and skills in statistical methods. It complements programs in other disciplines which involve quantitative research.

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

(4.0 credits)

First Year:

MAT133Y1 (70%)/( MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/MAT135Y/ MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1; CSC108H1/​ CSC110Y1/​ CSC111H1/​ CSC120H1/​ CSC148H1. ( MAT135H1 and MAT136H1)/ MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1 is strongly recommended).

STA130H1 is also strongly recommended.

Second Year:

MAT223H1/​ MAT224H1/​ MAT240H1, ( STA220H1/​ STA221H1/​ ECO220Y1, STA255H1)/( STA237H1, STA238H1)/( STA247H1, STA248H1)/( STA257H1, STA261H1)/ ECO227Y1

MAT223H1/​ MAT224H1/​ MAT240H1 recommended in 1st year

Higher Years:


0.5 credit from the following list: STA303H1, STA304H1, STA305H1, STA313H1, STA314H1, STA347H1, STA355H1, STA365H1, STA410H1, STA437H1, STA450H1, STA457H1