Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Major (Ancient) (Arts Program) - ASMAJ2665

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

(6.0 credits including at least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level, of which 1.0 credit must be at the 400-level)

At least 5.0 credits must be NMC and/or NML courses. 1.0 credit may be taken from a list of pre-approved courses offered by other departments or in consultation with the Associate Chair.

1. First Year: 0.5 credit from NMC101H1/​ NMC102H1/​ NMC103H1/​ NMC104H1.

2. Higher years:

2.0 to 3.0 credits from Group A and 1.0 credit from Group B/Group C.

1.0 to 2.0 credits in Ancient Stream languages: Akkadian, Ancient Egyptian, Aramaic, Coptic, Ge'ez, Hebrew (Biblical, Middle), Persian (Old Persian, Avestan, Pahlavi), Syriac.

Group A (Ancient Stream)
JRN301H1, NMC196H1, NMC197H1, NMC199H1, NMC245H1, NMC246H1, NMC247H1, NMC248H1, NMC251H1, NMC252H1, NMC253H1, NMC254H1, NMC257H1, NMC259H1, NMC260H1, NMC261Y0, NMC262H1, NMC263H1, NMC264H1, NMC265H1, NMC266H1, NMC267H1, NMC268H1, NMC270H1, NMC276H1, NMC277H1, NMC289H1, NMC299Y1, NMC330H1, NMC331H1, NMC343H1, NMC344H1, NMC346H1, NMC347H1, NMC351H1, NMC352H1, NMC359H1, NMC360H1, NMC361H1, NMC364H1, NMC365H1, NMC366H1, NMC369H1, NMC370H1, NMC380H1, NMC398Y0, NMC399Y1, NMC445H1, NMC446H1, NMC447H1, NMC449H1, NMC450H1, NMC461H1, NMC462H1, NMC463H1, NMC464H1, NMC465H1, NMC466H1, NMC467H1, NMC468H1, NMC470H1, NMC471H1, NMC472H1, NMC474H1, NMC480H1, NMC491H1, NMC495Y1, NMC496H1, NMC497H1, NMC499Y1

Group B (Medieval Stream)
NMC255H1, NMC256H1, NMC258H1, NMC259H1, NMC261Y0, NMC264H1, NMC270H1, NMC271H1, NMC274H1, NMC275H1, NMC276H1, NMC277H1, NMC280H1, NMC281H1, NMC289H1, NMC299Y1, NMC340H1, NMC341H1, NMC342H1, NMC350H1, NMC353H1, NMC354H1, NMC357H1, NMC367H1, NMC368H1, NMC372H1, NMC374H1, NMC375H1, NMC376H1, NMC384H1, NMC385H1, NMC386H1, NMC388H1, NMC389H1, NMC394H1, NMC395H1, NMC396H1, NMC399Y1, NMC454H1, NMC464H1, NMC465H1, NMC469Y1, NMC471H1, NMC472H1, NMC480H1, NMC484H1, NMC495Y1, NMC496H1, NMC497H1, NMC499Y1, JHM307H1

Group C (Modern Stream)
NMC195H1, NMC198H1, NMC241H1, NMC243H1, NMC244H1, NMC261Y0, NMC264H1, NMC270H1, NMC274H1, NMC275H1, NMC276H1, NMC277H1, NMC278H1, NMC284H1, NMC289H1, NMC299Y1, NMC315H1, NMC316H1, NMC340H1, NMC341H1, NMC353H1, NMC355H1, NMC356H1, NMC358H1, NMC367H1, NMC368H1, NMC372H1, NMC373H1, NMC378H1, NMC379H1, NMC381H1, NMC384H1, NMC385H1, NMC386H1, NMC388H1, NMC389H1, NMC394H1, NMC395H1, NMC399Y1, NMC452H1, NMC454H1, NMC464H1, NMC465H1, NMC471H1, NMC472H1, NMC473H1, NMC475H1, NMC476H1, NMC477H1, NMC478H1, NMC479H1, NMC480H1, NMC484H1, NMC495Y1, NMC496H1, NMC497H1, NMC499Y1, JMH385H1