Quantitative Biology Major (Science Program) - ASMAJ2368

The Quantitative Biology Major program (8.0 credits) is designed for students with a deep interest in biology who wish to gain a strong grounding in quantitative methods and their application to biological questions. More than ever, advancements in biology, from the molecular through the organismal to the ecosystem level, require quantitative thinking and skills along with a strong understanding of biological processes. Interdisciplinary research that draws from the natural sciences, mathematics, statistics and computer science, is an important aspect of modern biology. This major provides foundations in biology and quantitative approaches used to test and advance biological knowledge, and is appropriate for students who wish to pursue a career or graduate studies in a broad range of life sciences, ranging from biomedical to conservation to epidemiology.

The program is delivered through a mixture of classroom-learning and applied laboratory teaching, with an emphasis on understanding how quantitative methods inform our understanding of biology, and how they can be applied to test and develop new hypotheses. Students also have access to independent research opportunities that enhance professional skills, science communication, and the development and application of knowledge in quantitative biology.

Quantitative Biology Major students have priority enrollment in EEB courses, but not in courses offered by other departments, such as STA, MAT, CSC, CSB and BCB. Students should be aware that some courses listed have prerequisites that are not listed below. For students intending to pursue graduate studies, it is strongly recommended that an independent research course such as EEB498Y1 be included as part of the Quantitative Biology major.

Enrolment Requirements

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Completed courses (with minimum grades)
The following courses with the stated minimum grades are required:

Completion Requirements

(8.0 credits including at least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level, 0.5 of which must be at the 400 level)

First Year (2.5 credits):
BIO120H1, BIO130H1, EEB125H1/​ CSC108H1/​ CSC120H1/​ CSC148H1/​ CSC110Y1, ( MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/ MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1

Higher Years (5.5 credits):

  1. 1.5 credits: BIO220H1, BIO230H1/​ BIO255H1, BIO260H1/​ HMB265H1
  2. 1.0 credit in introductory probability and statistics: EEB225H1, GGR270H1, PSY201H1, PSY202H1, STA220H1, STA221H1, STA237H1, STA238H1, STA247H1, STA248H1, STA255H1, STA257H1, STA261H1, STA288H1
  3. 0.5 credit in intermediate math: APM236H1, MAT221H1/​ MAT223H1, MAT224H1, MAT240H1, MAT237Y1, MAT247H1
  4. 1.0 credit from: CSB352H1, EEB319H1, EEB323H1, EEB324H1, EEB362H1, GGR337H1, GGR372H1, GGR373H1, PHY331H1
  5. 1.0 credit from: APM346H1, APM446H1, APM461H1, APM462H1, BCH441H1, CSB472H1, CSC311H1, CSC320H1, CSC336H1, CSC343H1, CSC373H1, CSC384H1, CSC401H1, CSC412H1, CSC413H1, CSC420H1, EEB313H1, EEB430H1, EEB458H1, EEB459H1, EEB460H1, EEB463H1, EEB498Y1, EEB499Y1, MAT332H1, MAT335H1, MAT344H1, MAT351Y1, MGY428H1, PHY431H1, PSY305H1, STA302H1, STA303H1, STA304H1, STA305H1, STA355H1, STA365H1, STA480H1
  6. 0.5 credit at 400 level from: BCB410H1, BCB420H1, BCH441H1, CSB435H1, CSB472H1, CSB498Y1, CSB499Y1, EEB430H1, EEB458H1, EEB459H1, EEB460H1, EEB463H1, EEB498Y1, EEB499Y1, PHY431H1, PSY474H1, STA480H1