Drama Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ2148

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol the program.

Please note (below) that while there are no specific course requirements to join the program, completion of the Studio (Group B) requirement will normally require either an audition, a personal interview, or the submission of a portfolio to match students with courses as required. The Centre will, however, work with any student who enrolls in the program to determine the best options for proceeding through and completing the program.

Completion Requirements

8.0 credits, including 2.0 credits from 300+ level courses, with at least a 0.5 credit at the 400-level.

  1. DRM101Y1
  2. DRM220Y1
  3. 2.0 credits from Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies courses (Group A)
  4. 2.0 credits from Studio courses (Group B)
  5. From Group A, B, C or other DRM: 2.0 credits to make up the total of 8.0 credits

Notes on Group A and B requirements:

  • Following completion of DRM220Y1, students are advised to complete at least a 0.5 credit from Group A per academic year until they have completed the required total of 3.0 credits from Group A.
  • Students can take a maximum of 3.0 credits from Group B per year.
  • Minimum grade requirements apply to some pre-requisite courses ( DRM101Y1, DRM220Y1 and second-year foundation courses) to advance through some Studio (Group B) courses.
    Some Studio (Group B) courses will require a separate assessment either through an audition (performance), submission of a portfolio (playwriting), or a personal interview (directing, design and production). For information on the deadlines for these assessments and the process for applying, please consult the Centre website.
  • The Centre is committed to working with any student to consider best options for not only progressing but completing the program. Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to Centre staff for advising on planning their program.

DRM101Y1, DRM220Y1

Group A: Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
DRM303H1, DRM320H1, DRM331H1, DRM342H1, DRM362H1, DRM363H1, DRM366H1, DRM385H1, DRM385Y1, DRM386H1, DRM387H1, DRM388H1, DRM420H1, DRM424H1, DRM431H1, DRM462H1, DRM485H1, DRM485Y1, DRM487H1, DRM488H1, JIA400H1

Group B: Studio
DRM200Y1, DRM202H1, DRM224H1, DRM228H1, DRM254H1, DRM300Y1, DRM301H1, DRM302H1, DRM311H1, DRM328H1, DRM354H1, DRM355H1, DRM355Y1, DRM368H1, DRM375H1, DRM375Y1, DRM376H1, DRM377H1, DRM378H1, DRM400H1, DRM402H1, DRM403Y1, DRM413H1, DRM428H1, DRM454H1, DRM455H1, DRM485Y1, DRM486H1

Group C: Related Courses in Other Departments
CDN307H1, CLA382H1, CLA383H1, EAS263H1, ENG220H1, ENG320Y1, ENG330H1, ENG331H1, ENG335H1, ENG337H1, ENG340H1, ENG341H1, ENG352H1, FAH405H1, FRE319H1, GRK351H1, GRK352H1, GRK451H1, GRK452H1, INS300Y1, INS302H1, INS341H1, ITA390H1, ITA410H1, LAT351H1, LAT451H1, MUS206H1, MUS209H1, MUS215H1, MUS340H1, NEW321H1/​ CAR321H1, SLA342H1, SLA367H1, SLA405H1, SLA406H1, SMC367H1/​ CHC367H1, SPA384H1, SPA387H1, VIC273H1/​ CRE273H1, VIC304H1/​ LCT304H1, VIC347H1/​ REN347H1, VIC470H1/​ CRE470H1

Other Topics & Independent Studies
DRM286H1, DRM288H1, DRM299Y1, DRM390Y1, DRM391H1, DRM399Y1, DRM490Y1, DRM491H1

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's Caribbean Studies program will have the new "CAR" designator. Courses associated with St. Michael's College's Christianity and Culture program will have the new "CHC" designator. In addition, courses associated with Victoria College's Creative Expression and Society, Literature and Critical Theory, and Renaissance Studies programs will have the new "CRE," "LCT," and "REN" designators respectively.