Diaspora & Transnational Studies Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1407

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(7.0 credits, including at least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level)

1. DTS200Y1
2. DTS300H1
3. 4.5 credits from Group A and B courses, with at least two credits from each group. Coverage must include at least two diasporic communities or regions, to be identified in consultation with the program advisor.
4. 1.0 DTS credit at the 400-level

Group A: Humanities Courses

AFR250Y1, AFR351Y1, CAR324H1, CAR325H1, CAR328H1, CAR429H1, CAR428H1, CJS200H1, CJS201H1, CJS220H1, CJS230H1, CJS389H1, CJS401H1, CLT413H1, CLT416H1, CRE350Y1, CSE341H1, CSE449H1, DTS305H1, DTS310H1, DTS311H1, DTS312H1, DTS314H1, DTS410H1, DTS411H1, DTS412H1, DTS413H1, DTS414H1, DTS415H1, DTS416H1, DTS417H1, EAS105H1, EAS247H1, EAS251H1, EAS271H1, EAS289Y1, EAS314H1, EAS315H1, EAS333H1, EAS374H1, EAS420H1, EAS439H1, EAS474H1, EAS484Y1, EAS497H1, ENG270H1, ENG285H1, ENG367H1, ENG368H1, ENG369H1, ENG370Y1, FIN320H1, FRE438H1, FRE332H1, FRE334H1, FRE336H1, GER361H1, GER367H1, HIS106Y1, HIS202H1, HIS208Y1, HIS282Y1, HIS283Y1, HIS291H1, HIS295Y1, HIS303H1, HIS305H1, HIS312H1, HIS330H1, HIS336H1, HIS338H1, HIS346H1, HIS359H1, HIS360H1, HIS361H1, HIS366H1, HIS369H1, JHA384H1, HIS385H1, HIS391Y1, HIS392Y1, HIS402H1, HIS403H1, HIS413H1, HIS415Y1, HIS429H1, HIS433H1, HIS439H1, HIS444H1, HIS445H1, HIS446H1, HIS467H1, HIS472H1, HIS474H1, HIS480H1, HIS494H1, JGI216H1/​ JGU216H1, ITA233H1, ITA345H1, NMC252H1, NMC351H1, NMC274H1, NMC284H1, NMC370H1, NMC384H1, NMC473H1, NMC475H1, JQR360H1, RLG280Y1, RLG319H1, RLG326H1, RLG341H1, RLG345H1, RLG346H1, RLG386H1, RLG434H1, RLG453H1, SAS114H1, SAS318H1, SLA202H1, SLA222H1, SLA238H1, SLA302H1, SLA303H1, SLA312H1, SLA318H1, SLA325H1, SLA357H1, SLA380H1, SPA258H1, SPA259H1, SPA375H1, SPA385H1, SPA467H1, SPA480H1, SPA488H1, UNI101H1, UNI103H1, WGS369H1, WGS420H1, WGS426H1

Group B: Social Sciences Courses

ANT204H1, ANT318H1, ANT324H1, ANT340H1, ANT341H1, ANT345H1, ANT346H1, ANT347H1, ANT348H1, ANT349H1, ANT351H1, JAL355H1, ANT356H1, ANT358H1, ANT364H1, ANT366H1, ANT370H1, ANT372H1, ANT426H1, ANT427H1, ANT440H1, ANT450H1, ANT452H1, ANT456H1, ANT458H1, ANT460H1, ANT472H1, ANT475H1, ANT477H1, CSE342H1, DTS305H1, DTS310H1, DTS311H1, DTS312H1, DTS314H1, DTS410H1, DTS411H1, DTS412H1, DTS413H1, DTS414H1, DTS415H1, DTS416H1, DTS417H1, ENT391H1, ENT392Y1, GGR112H1, JGI216H1/​ JGU216H1, GGR241H1, GGR246H1, GGR320H1, JGE321H1, GGR326H1, GGR336H1, GGR339H1, GGR341H1, GGR342H1, GGR343H1, JGI346H1/​ JGU346H1, GGR360H1, GGR363H1, GGR430H1, GGR452H1, GGR457H1, LCT304H1, NUS251H0, NUS252H0, NUS253H0, NUS254H0, NUS255H0, NUS256H0, NUS351Y0, NUS352H0, NUS353H0, JLN327H1, POL201Y1, POL207Y1, POL215Y1, POL224Y1, POL301Y1, POL305Y1, POL324H1, POL345Y1, JPR364H1, JPR374H1, POL409H1, POL413H1, POL417Y1, JPR419H1, POL421H1, POL424H1, POL430Y1, POL442H1, JPF455Y1, POL467H1, POL480H1, SOC210H1, SOC214H1, SOC218H1, SOC220H1, SOC246H1, SOC250Y1, SOC256H1, SOC304H1, SOC311H1, SOC314H1, SOC315H1, SOC355H1, SOC360H1, SOC364H1, SOC367H1, SOC370H1, SOC381H1, SOC382H1, SOC383H1, SOC388H1, SOC465H1, SOC479H1, SOC481H1, SOC484H1, UNI101H1, UNI103H1, VIC183H1, VIC184H1, WGS450H1


  • Students are responsible for checking the co- and prerequisites for all courses in Groups A and B.
  • Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's African Studies, Caribbean Studies, and Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity programs will have the new "AFR," "CAR," and "CSE" designators respectively. Courses associated with St. Michael's College's Celtic Studies program will have the new "CLT" designator. Courses associated with Victoria College's Creative Expression and Society, and Literature and Critical Theory programs will have the new "CRE" and "LCT" designators respectively.
  • Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with the Centre for Entrepreneurship (formerly Impact Centre) will have the new "ENT" designator.