Environmental Studies Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1254

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

For more information, please email the School of the Environment’s Undergraduate Student Advisor, David Powell, at ug.office.env@utoronto.ca.

(7.0 credits, including 2.5 credits at the 300+ level and a 0.5 credit at the 400-level)

First Year
ENV100H1 is recommended but not required.

Higher Years:
1. ENV221H1, ENV222H1, ENV223H1, ENV338H1.

2. ENV200H1

3. 0.5 credit from the following Environmental Policy, Law & Society courses: ENV320H1, ENV322H1, ENV323H1, ENV347H1, ENV350H1, ENV422H1, JGE331H1.

4. 0.5 credit from among the following Environmental Thought & Ethics courses: ENV333H1, JGE321H1, CLA373H1, PHL273H1, WGS273H1.

5. One of ( ENV421H1/​ ENV421Y1)/ ENV440H1/​ ENV451H1/​ ENV461H1/​ ENV463H1.

6. An additional 3.0 credits from any combination of courses listed in the three groups below*, with no more than 1.0 credit from Group C: Environmental Science. Note: If ENV421Y1 is taken for requirement 5 above, students need only take an additional 2.5 credits for this requirement.

*Students may choose to take courses across the three groups or within a particular group, depending on their interest.

Group A: Environmental Policy, Law & Society Courses

ANT346H1, ANT364H1, ANT371H1, ANT374H1, CSE342H1, ECO313H1, ECO314H1, ECO414H1, ENV261H1/​ ENV360H1, ENV281H1, ENV282H1, ENV307H1, ENV320H1, ENV322H1, ENV323H1, ENV335H1, ENV347H1, ENV350H1, ENV361H1, ENV362H1, ENV381H1, ENV382H1, ENV411H1, ENV422H1, ENV462H1, FOR302H1, FOR303H1, FOR310H1, GGR223H1, GGR310H1, GGR329H1, GGR332H1, GGR334H1, GGR338H1, GGR341H1, GGR349H1, GGR416H1, GGR418H1, GGR434H1, GGR433H1, GGR438H1, HIS218H1, HIS300H1, HIS408H1, HPS307H1, HPS313H1, HPS316H1, HPS324H1, JGE321H1, JGE331H1, JIG322H1, JIG440H1, POL205H1, POL384H1, POL413H1, RSM466H1, TRN312H1

Note: GGR223H1 is NOT a substitute for ENV222H1.

Group B: Environmental Thought & Ethics Courses

INS250H1, INS402H1, ANT368H1, ANT376H1, CLA373H1, CRE271H1, EAS479H1, ENV330H1, ENV333H1, FAH446H1, FOR302H1, FOR303H1, GGR419H1, HPS316H1, JGE321H1, JIG322H1, JUG320H1, PHL273H1, PHL373H1, PSY435H1, RLG318H1, RLG345H1, WGS273H1, WGS442H1

Group C: Environmental Science Courses

EEB240H1/​ ENV234H1, ENV262H1, ENV337H1, ENV341H1, ENV395Y0, ENV396H0, ENV396Y0, ENV430H1, ENV431H1, FOR200H1, FOR201H1, FOR400Y1, FOR401H1, GGR272H1, GGR273H1, GGR314H1, GGR337H1, ESS205H1, JEH455H1


  • Daniels Students enrolled in this program may be able to fulfill up to 1.5 credits in requirement 6 from ARC courses. For more information, please email the School of the Environment’s Undergraduate Student Advisor, David Powell, at ug.office.env@utoronto.ca.
  • Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity program will have the new "CSE" designator. In addition, courses associated with Victoria College's Creative Expression and Society program will have the new "CRE" designator.