Mediaeval Studies Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1231

An interdisciplinary treatment of the history, art, literature and thought of the Middle Ages.

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(7.0 credits, including at least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level, 0.5 of which must be at the 400-level)

1. 0.5 credit from the introductory courses: MST210H1/​ MST212H1/​ SMC165H1/​ SMC176Y1.

2. 1.0 credit from the foundational courses which provide further introduction into more specific aspects of Mediaeval Studies: CHC200H1/​ CHC307H1/​ CHC327H1/​ CHC367H1/​ MST222H1/​ MST230H1/​ MST231H1/​ MST232H1/​ MST233H1/​ MST234H1/​ MST242H1/​ MST323H1/​ MST328H1/​ MST358H1/​ MST359H1/​ MST361H1/​ SMC176Y1.

3. 4.5 credits from the following elective courses, with at least 1.5 credits from courses with an SMC/CHC/CLT/MST designator. Students can choose courses from all four groups.

MST201H1/​ MST202H1/​ MST211H1/​ MST230H1/​ MST231H1/​ MST232H1/​ MST233H1/​ MST234H1/​ MST300H1/​ MST301H1/​ MST340H1/​ MST401H1/​ MST442H1/​ CHC215H1/​ CHC322H1/​ CLA378H1/​ CLT337H1/​ CLT338H1/​ CLT344Y1/​ HIS208Y1/​ HIS220Y1/​ HIS251Y1/​ HIS320H1/​ HIS321H1/​ HIS322H1/​ HIS323H1/​ HIS336H1/​ HIS403H1/​ HIS424H1/​ HIS426H1/​ HIS427H1/​ HIS428H1/​ HIS432H1/​ HIS434Y1/​ HIS438H1/​ HPS201H1/​ HPS430H1/​ NMC270H1/​ NMC273Y1/​ NMC275H1/​ NMC342H1/​ NMC376H1/​ NMC377Y1/​ SLA253H1/​ SMC165H1

MST200Y1/​ MST210H1/​ MST212H1/​ MST213H1/​ MST242H1/​ MST324H1/​ MST341H1/​ MST359H1/​ MST361H1/​ CHC307H1/​ CHC327H1/​ CHC368H1/​ CHC383H1/​ CLA336H1/​ CLT350H1/​ MAT390H1/​ PHL200Y1/​ PHL205H1/​ PHL206H1/​ PHL303H1/​ PHL304H1/​ PHL307H1/​ PHL308H1/​ PHL309H1/​ PHL336H1/​ RLG241H1/​ SMC188H1/​ SMC189H1

MST222H1/​ MST226H1/​ MST323H1/​ MST328H1/​ MST436H1/​ CLT250H1/​ CLT343H1/​ CLT373H1/​ CLT440H1/​ CLT441H1/​ CLT445H1/​ ENG240Y1/​ ENG300Y1/​ ENG311H1/​ ENG330H1/​ ENG385H1/​ FRE318H1/​ FRE471H1/​ ITA311H1/​ ITA312H1/​ ITA320H1/​ LAT101H1/​ LAT102H1/​ LAT201H1/​ LAT202H1/​ NMC255H1/​ NMC350H1/​ SLA330H1/​ SLA400H1/​ SMC176Y1/​ SMC441Y1/​ SPA450H1

The Arts:
MST326H1/​ MST358H1/​ CHC200H1/​ CHC367H1/​ CLT344Y1/​ FAH215H1/​ FAH216H1/​ FAH318H1/​ FAH319H1/​ FAH327H1/​ FAH328H1/​ FAH420H1/​ FAH421H1/​ FAH424H1/​ FAH492H1

And from the intensive research courses with changing topics in the fourth year: MST406H1, MST407Y1, MST435H1, SMC457H1.

4. 0.5 credit from CHC232H1/​ CHC370H1/​ CHC371H1/​ CHC383H1/​ MST242H1/​ MST341H1/​ MST442H1/​ SMC385H1 or 0.5 credit of 200+ level course from Breadth Requirement Category 5: The Physical and Mathematical Universes.

5. 0.5 credit from the following: MST406H1/​ MST407Y1/​ MST435H1/​ MST436H1/​ SMC457H1/​ MST490Y1.


  • Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with St. Michael's College's Mediaeval Studies, Christianity and Culture, and Celtic Studies programs will have the new "MST," "CHC," and "CLT" designators respectively.
  • MST201H1, MST202H1, MST300H1 are offered through the Centre for Medieval Studies.