Cell & Molecular Biology Major: Focus in Stem Cells and Developmental Biology - ASMAJ1003C

Starting in 2nd year, this focus organizes a restricted number of highly motivated Cell and Molecular Biology Major students with an interest in Stem Cells and Developmental Biology. Focus students are required to complete a subset of related program courses and to participate in a learning community for the focus.

Enrolment Requirements

Once you have enrolled in the Cell and Molecular Biology Major program, you have the option to apply for entry into a focus. The focuses have a limited enrolment and can only accommodate a restricted number of students with a particular interest in the topic of the focus. Students can only apply for one focus. Admission will be determined with a minimum grade of 80% in BIO130H1. If the student does not achieve 80% in BIO130H1, admission can be determined with a minimum grade of 80% in BIO230H1, BIO255H1 or CSB349H1. On the application form, students must include a 300-word statement of interest regarding the topic of the focus. Statement submission instructions are in the Undergraduate program section of the CSB website, http://csb.utoronto.ca. Achieving these requirements does not necessarily guarantee admission to the focus in any given year.

Students in a focus complete the requirements of First Year, the requirements 1-3 of Higher Years, as well as requirements 4-7 specific to each focus.

Each year students are enrolled in a focus, they must also be an active participant in the faculty-led learning community for their focus (requirement 7). The learning community appears as a non-credit course recognized on the co-curricular record. Students who fail to contribute to the faculty-led learning community will be removed from the focus.

Completion Requirements

This Focus is part of the Cell and Molecular Biology Major and begins with the requirements of First Year and of lines 1-3 of Higher Years of the Cell and Molecular Biology Major Program.

4. 1.0 credit from: CSB328H1, CSB329H1, CSB340H1
5. 0.5 credit from: CSB427H1, CSB429H1, CSB430H1, CSB431H1, CSB483H1
6. 1.0 credit from: CSB299Y1, CSB328H1, CSB329H1, CSB340H1, CSB397Y0, CSB399Y1, CSB427H1, CSB429H1, CSB430H1, CSB431H1, CSB453H1, CSB483H1, CSB497H1, CSB498Y1, CSB499Y1.
7. Multicellularity Learning Community (each year of focus enrolment)