Focus in Urban Geography (Major) - ASFOC1667M

The Focus in Urban Geography provides students with the opportunity to emphasize urban geography as part of their Human Geography specialist or major. Urban geography focuses on the political, social, cultural and economic processes that shape city life, development and policy. This focus will appeal to students registered in the Human Geography specialist or major program who wish to develop an integrative understanding of the dynamics that shape the urban realm. Students are encouraged to explore the breadth of our course offerings in housing, historical, political and transportation.

Enrolment in the Human Geography Major (ASMAJ1667) program is required.

Required Urban Geography Courses: 1.0 credit from GGR124H1, GGR241H1, JGI216H1/​ JGU216H1, GGR259H1

Urban Geography Electives: 1.5 credits from GGR241H1, GGR259H1, GGR336H1, GGR339H1, GGR349H1, GGR357H1, GGR359H1, GGR374H1, GGR382H1, GGR424H1, GGR458H1, GGR460H1, GGR482H1

Note: At least 1.0 credit must be 300/400-level courses.