Focus in Data Analytics (Specialist) - ASFOC1478A

Students in the Economics Specialist program who undertake a Focus in Data Analytics will gain advanced ability in applied empirical economics. The Focus (for specialists) provides students with hands-on exposure to the tools empirical economists use to build and analyze datasets - programming languages such as Python, and software programs to manage, statistically analyze, and visualize data such as Excel, GIS, Stata and R. The Specialist Focus will also direct students to required and elective empirical economics courses that apply these tools in a wide variety of contexts.

Enrolment in the Economics Specialist program (ASSPE1478) is required.

(5.0 credits)

  1. 0.5 credit from: CSC108H1, CSC110Y1, CSC148H1
  2. ECO225H1/​ GGR272H1/​ JSC270H1
  3. ECO372H1
  4. ECO374H1
  5. ECO475H1
  6. 2.0 credits of 300+ ECO elective courses from: ECO310H1, ECO334H1, ECO339H1, ECO340H1, ECO353H1, ECO354H1, ECO367H1, ECO380H1 (or the 400-level courses listed below (#7))
  7. 0.5 credit 400-level ECO course from: ECO401H1, ECO403H1, ECO404H1, ECO418H1, ECO439H1, ECO446H1, ECO464H1, ECO466H1, ECO480H1, ECO481H1, ECO482H1, ECO483H1, ECO499H1