Focus in International Economy (Major) - ASFOC1469H

Enrolment in the International Relations Major is required for entry into this Focus.

Enrolment in this Focus is recommended after second year to guide choice of courses in the higher years. Please note normal course prerequisites will apply to all courses in the Focus.

(2.5 credits)

  1. ECO341H1
  2. ECO342H1
  3. 1.5 credits chosen from the following list:
    ECO362H1, ECO364H1, ECO365H1, ECO368H1, GGR326H1, POL361H1, POL362H1, GGR344H1/​ POL372H1, ECO403H1, ECO419H1, ECO459H1, ECO465H1, GGR418H1, GGR430H1, HIS417H1, POL411H1, POL435H1, POL477H1


  • Focus courses meet the basic IRP inclusion standard of substantially and directly addressing relations between and among countries at the state or society level.
  • Students can request substitutions from the IRP Director
  • Not all courses may be available at all times without scheduling conflicts.