Focus in Law and History (Major) - ASFOC0652B

The Focus in Law and History gives students the critical skill-set to interrogate the ‘force of law’, not only in the sense of law as enforced, but also as a vehicle of cultural, social, and economic knowledge. Importantly, it will ask students to interrogate assumptions of what counts as law across time and space. At the core of this Focus to the Major are fundamental questions of both law and society: Who has law? What does (or should) it look like? Who decides? What sorts of critical histories can be written from and about legal archives that span time, space, and language tradition?

Enrolment in the History Major is required.

3.0 credits

  1. Methodological Training Requirement: HIS268H1: Law and History.
  2. Law and History Focus Enrichment: 2.5 credits from the following list, including at least 1.0 credit at the 300+ level.

    HIS101Y1, HIS230H1, HIS231H1, HIS282Y1, HIS283Y1, HIS303H1, HIS307H1, HIS308H1, HIS332H1, HIS335H1, HIS357Y1, HIS375H1, HIS379H1, HIS390H1, HIS391Y1, HIS397H1, HIS419H1, HIS424H1, HIS438H1, HIS443H1, HIS470H1, HIS493H1, JHN323H1

    Some offerings of HIS389H1, HIS466H1 and HIS496H1 may also count towards this focus. Check with the department for current offerings.

Up to a 0.5 credit from non-HIS courses may be substituted for requirement 2, with permission of the department. Substitutions will be reviewed based on a copy of the course syllabus.