Certificate in Business Fundamentals - ASCER2400

The purpose of this certificate is to provide all interested non-Rotman Commerce students in the Faculty of Arts & Science with an opportunity to obtain some basic business knowledge as part of their degree. This could be beneficial for all disciplines within the Faculty of Arts & Science as many students go on and work in a variety of businesses and industries or want some general understanding of management disciplines when entering the workforce. This will better equip students when going on the job market by helping them signal some business knowledge and greater career readiness.

The certificate is offered by the Rotman School of Management and is composed of 2.0 credits that can be taken as part of a student's elective courses within the 20.0 credits that are required to complete a Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Arts & Science. This certificate and included courses are not open to non-degree students.

This is a limited enrolment certificate for any non-Rotman Commerce student in the Faculty of Arts & Science. A student who has completed 4.0 credits including MGT100H1 or equivalent may enrol in the Certificate.

(2.0 credits)

Successful completion of the following four courses (or their equivalents):

  1. MGT100H1
  2. MGT201H1
  3. MGT230H1
  4. MGT250H1

No courses in the Certificate in Business Fundamentals can be taken as Credit/No Credit if they are to fulfill certificate requirements.


  • MGT100H1, MGT201H1, MGT230H1, MGT250H1 have considerable overlap with RSM100H1, RSM219H1, RSM230H1 and RSM250H1 taught in Rotman Commerce. These courses are listed as exclusions to one another.
  • Students who move from the Rotman Commerce program (BCOM) to another degree program (HBA/HBSc) within Arts & Science would be able to use any completed RSM course equivalents towards the completion of the Certificate in Business Fundamentals (e.g. RSM100H1 would be deemed equivalent to MGT100H1 as part of the Certificate in Business Fundamentals, etc).
  • Students who move from a different degree program (HBA/HBSc) within Arts & Science to the Rotman Commerce program (BCOM) would be able to count these MGT courses towards their Rotman Commerce degree (conditional on being accepted to the program based on the requirements listed in the Rotman Commerce section of the Calendar). Please note that students who are accepted to Rotman Commerce after having completed 4.0 credits are charged retroactive program fees as applicable.