Biological Physics Specialist: Biochemistry Stream (Science Program) - ASSPE2737

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Students in this program have the option to request enrolment in the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) stream. Students can apply for the ASIP stream after Year 1 (Year 2 entry) or after Year 2 (Year 3 entry, starting Fall 2024). Full details about ASIP, including student eligibility, selection and enrolment, are available in the ASIP section of the Arts & Science Academic Calendar. Please note that the majority of students enter ASIP in Fall term of Year 2. Space is more limited for Year 3 entry. Students applying for Year 3 entry must have been admitted to the Biological Physics Specialist: Biochemistry Stream in the Summer after Year 2.

Core Biological Physics Courses (12.0 credits):

First Year (3.0 credits): ( CHM135H1, CHM136H1)/ CHM151Y1, ( MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/ MAT137Y1, PHY131H1/​ PHY151H1, PHY132H1/​ PHY152H1 ( PHY151H1, PHY152H1 recommended)

First or Second Year (1.0 credit): BIO130H1, MAT223H1

Second Year (3.0 credits): BCH210H1, ( MAT235Y1/​ MAT237Y1), MAT244H1, PHY250H1, PHY252H1

Second or Third Year (0.5 credit): BIO230H1/​ BIO255H1

Third Year (2.0 credits): PHY224H1, PHY254H1, PHY256H1, PHY354H1

Third or Fourth Year (2.5 credits):

1. PHY331H1, PHY431H1
2. PHY324H1/​ BCH370H1/​ CHM327H1/​ PSL372H1
3. 1.0 credit, including at least 0.5 credit at the 400-level, from APM346H1/​ PHY 300-level courses/ PHY 400-level courses ( APM346H1, PHY350H1, PHY356H1, PHY407H1, PHY452H1, PHY454H1, PHY460H1 recommended)

Additional Courses for the Biochemistry Stream (2.5 credits):

1. BCH311H1, BCH340H1
2. 1.5 credits from BCH370H1/​ CSB428H1/​ BCH 400-level courses ( BCH422H1, BCH425H1, BCH426H1, BCH428H1, BCH440H1, BCH450H1 recommended). Excludes BCH472Y1, BCH473Y1, BCH478H1, BCH479H1.

Integrative, Inquiry-Based Activity Requirement

The choices in the program must satisfy the requirement for an integrative, inquiry-based activity by including at least one of the following courses: PHY371Y1, PHY372H1, PHY378H1, PHY379Y1, PHY396Y0, PHY397Y0, PHY398H0, PHY398Y0, PHY399Y0, PHY399Y1, PHY407H1, PHY424H1, PHY426H1, PHY428H1, PHY429H1, PHY471Y1, PHY472H1, PHY478H1, PHY479Y1, BCH472Y1 and BCH473Y1.

Students in this program have the option to complete the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) stream.


Students are encouraged but not required to enroll in the independent project courses PHY478H1/​ PHY479Y1. These students may be supervised by faculty in the Departments of Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Immunology, and Physiology. Students are required to have a B average in the program courses, identify a supervisor, and consult the Associate Chair of Physics (Undergraduate Studies) before enrolling in PHY478H1/​ PHY479Y1.

Students might wish to enrol in 300- and 400-level courses in the partner life science departments that are not listed above, including independent research or project courses. These students will need approval to take these courses from the Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies) prior to enrolment in the course.

On approval of the Department of Physics, students who take CHM222H1 will not have to take PHY252H1.