Applied Mathematics Specialist (Science Program) - ASSPE2053

The Specialist Program in Applied Mathematics is directed toward students who aim to pursue applied mathematical research as a career.

Students in this program have the option to complete the Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) stream.

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Students are encouraged to take their introductory analysis, algebra, and computer programming in their first year of study ( MAT157Y1, MAT240H1, MAT247H1, CSC108H1, CSC148H1).

Completion Requirements

13.0-13.5 credits, including at least 1.5 credits at the 400-level

Applied Mathematics Fundamentals

1. Analysis: MAT157Y1, MAT257Y1
2. Algebra: MAT240H1, MAT247H1
3. Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations: MAT267H1
4. Computer Programming: CSC108H1, CSC148H1
5. Probability and Statistics: STA257H1, STA261H1, STA347H1

Ethical and Social Responsibility

6. 0.5 credit with a significant emphasis on ethics and social responsibility (list below)

Higher Studies in Mathematics

7. Topology: MAT327H1
8. Groups, Rings and Fields: MAT347Y1
9. Partial Differential Equations: MAT351Y1
10. Complex and Real Analysis: MAT354H1, MAT357H1
11. Geometry: MAT363H1/​ MAT367H1
12. Advanced Applied Mathematics: 1.0 credit from APM421H1/​ APM426H1/​ APM441H1/​ APM446H1/​ APM461H1/​ APM462H1/​ APM466H1
13. Related Topics: 1.5 credits from: MAT332H1/​ MAT344H1/​ MAT454H1/​ MAT457H1/​ MAT458H1/​ MAT464H1/​ STA302H1/​ STA457H1/​ CSC336H1/​ CSC436H1/​ CSC446H1/​ CSC456H1

Research Seminar in Mathematics

14. MAT477H1


  • Not all courses listed have priority enrolment for students enrolled in this program. Students are responsible for checking priority of courses and meeting course prerequisites for courses they wish to take.
  • Each course can count toward only one requirement, even if listed as options to multiple requisites of the program.
  • CSC108H1 is waived for students who complete CSC148H1 first. If a student has not taken a year-long course in programming in secondary school, it is strongly recommended that students take CSC108H1 first.
  • Students may use CR/NCR on the course they use toward the ethics and social responsibility credit.
  • Students in their last year of study with a cGPA of 3.5 or higher may be permitted to take up to 1.5 credits of Math graduate courses. These courses may count toward specialist program requirements, where relevant (e.g., as courses “at the 400-level”). To review eligibility criteria and apply for graduate courses as an undergraduate student, find more information on the A&S Math website.

Courses accepted towards this program’s ethics requirement:
CSC300H1/​ CSE240H1/​ CSE270H1/​ EEB215H1/​ ENV200H1/​ ESS205H1/​ any ETH200+/ FOR201H1/​ HIS268H1/​ HPS200H1/​ HPS202H1/​ INS200H1/​ JPH441H1/​ PHL265H1/​ PHL271H1/​ PHL273H1/​ PHL275H1/​ PHL281H1/​ PHL295H1/​ SDS256H1/​ another suitable course with permission from the Associate Chair, Undergraduate