Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures Specialist (Arts Program) - ASSPE1205

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

(10.5 credits, with at least 4.0 credits at the 300+ level, including 1.0 credit at the 400-level)

Students must choose any two of the available language areas (Czech and Slovak, Estonian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, South Slavic, Ukrainian).

Please note: Some courses may appear in more than one group thanks to their content. No course, however, may be counted twice for the purposes of program completion.

1. 1.0 credit of Common Core: SLA201H1, SLA231H1, SLA232H1, and SLA256H1

2. 4.0 credits of language coursework from each of the two chosen language areas (2.0 credits per area).

Czech and Slovak: SLA105Y1, SLA204Y1, SLA214H1.

Estonian: EST100H1, EST101H1, EST200H1, EST201H1, EST300Y1.

Finnish: FIN100H1, FIN110H1, FIN200H1, FIN210H1, FIN300H1, FIN340H1, FIN400H1; SWE100H1, SWE101H1.

Polish: SLA106H1, SLA116H1, SLA206H1, SLA207H1, SLA306H1, SLA336H1, SLA426H1.

Russian: SLA100H1, SLA101H1, SLA210H1, SLA214H1, SLA220Y1, SLA221H1, SLA320Y1, SLA321H1, SLA322H1, SLA410H1, SLA420Y1.

South Slavic (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian): SLA107Y1, SLA214H1, SLA257H1, SLA277H1, SLA337H1.

Ukrainian: SLA108Y1, SLA208Y1, SLA308H1.

Note: In consultation with the Undergraduate Coordinator, and based on results in language placement tests, some students may substitute language courses with the equivalent number of credits in requirement 3 (below).

3. 4.0 credits from culture courses corresponding to the student’s two chosen language areas (2.0 credits per area):

Czech and Slovak: SLA200H1, SLA215H1, SLA225H1, SLA254H1/​ JSM354H1, SLA333H1, SLA335H1, SLA405H1.

Estonian: EST400Y1; FIN225H1, FIN240H1, FIN260H1, FIN310H1; HIS331H1; SLA200H1, SLA254H1/​ JSM354H1.

Finnish: FIN225H1, FIN230H1, FIN236H1, FIN238H1, FIN240H1, FIN250H1, FIN260H1, FIN270H1, FIN280H1, FIN310H1, FIN320H1, FIN350H1, FIN360H1, FIN415H1; EST400Y1; HIS331H1.

Polish: SLA216H1, SLA226H1, SLA229H1, SLA236H1, SLA266H1, SLA286H1, SLA346H1, SLA356H1, SLA406H1, SLA427H1, SLA436H1.

Russian: SLA121H1, SLA194H1, SLA195H1, SLA196H1, SLA203H1, SLA212H1, SLA224H1, SLA234H1, SLA245H1, SLA252H1, SLA253H1, SLA254H1/​ JSM354H1, SLA260H1, SLA263H1, SLA268H1, SLA280H1, JSH300H1, SLA300H1, SLA310H1, SLA311H1, SLA312H1, SLA314H1, SLA317H1, SLA318H1, SLA320Y1, SLA321H1, SLA322H1, SLA323H1, SLA330H1, SLA331H1, SLA334H1, SLA342H1, SLA343H1, SLA345H1, SLA367H1, SLA400H1, SLA404H1, SLA412H1, SLA413H1, SLA414H1, SLA415H1, SLA420Y1, SLA423H1, SLA424Y1, SLA430H1, SLA433H1, SLA434H1, SLA449H1, SLA463H1.

South Slavic: SLA200H1, SLA217H1, SLA227H1, SLA235H1, SLA247H1, SLA330H1, SLA347H1, SLA357H1, SLA380H1/​ SLA232H1.

Ukrainian: SLA199H1, SLA200H1, SLA203H1, SLA218H1, SLA228H1, SLA238H1, SLA248H1, SLA253H1, SLA254H1/​ JSM354H1, SLA268H1, SLA311H1, SLA318H1, SLA328H1, SLA331H1, SLA338H1, SLA358H1, SLA428H1, SLA429H1.

Note: In consultation with the Undergraduate Coordinator, students may take up to 1.0 credit in history or political science courses corresponding to their two chosen language areas (0.5 credit per language area) and taught outside the department.

4. 1.0 credit from the pool of comparative courses offered by the Department: FIN225H1, FIN238H1, FIN240H1, FIN260H1, SLA104H1, SLA190H1, SLA191H1, SLA192H1, SLA200H1, SLA201H1, SLA202H1, SLA203H1, SLA222H1, SLA229H1, SLA231H1, SLA232H1, SLA235H1, SLA254H1/​ JSM354H1, SLA256H1, SLA268H1, SLA286H1, SLA302H1, SLA303H1, SLA318H1, SLA330H1, SLA331H1, SLA333H1, SLA380H1, SLA425H1, SLA435H1, SLA492H1.

5. 0.5 credit in Breadth Requirement Category 5: The Physical and Mathematical Universes or another 0.5 credit approved by the Undergraduate Coordinator, to fulfill the Quantitative Reasoning Competency required in the program.