Creativity and Society Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN2750

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

4.0 credits including at least 1.0 credit at the 300+ level, with a maximum of 1.0 credit at the 100-level. Up to 1.0 credit may be chosen from approved courses offered by other departments (see list of Cognate Courses).

  1. CRE201H1
  2. At least 1.0 credit from Group A – Forms of Creativity: VIC191Y1, CRE272H1, CRE273H1, CRE275H1, CRE276H1, CRE279H1, CRE280H1, CRE282H1, CRE350Y1, CRE370H1, CRE470H1, CRE479H1, CRE479Y1, CRE480H1, CRE210H1.
  3. At least 1.0 credit from Group B – Social Contexts and Interpretation: VIC164H1, VIC165H1, VIC190Y1, CRE209H1, MCS223H1, VIC223Y1, CRE235H1, CRE247H1, CRE270H1, CRE271H1, CRE281H1, VIC320H1/​ VIC320Y1, CRE335H1, CRE345H1, CRE349H1, CRE371H1, CRE372H1, CRE373H1, MCS320H1, MCS331H1, MCS373H1, CRE374H1, REN346H1, CRE449H1.
  4. Up to 1.0 credit from Cognate Courses:
    SMC219Y1, SMC229H1, SMC317H1, BMS319H1, CAR321H1, CIN201Y1, CSE349H1, DRM428H1, EAS349H1, ENG287H1, ENG289H1, ENG387H1, ENG388H1, ENG389H1, FAH352H1, FAH382H1, INS300Y1, MUS211H1, RLG231H1, RLG232H1, RLG393H1, WRR211H1, WRR311Y1, WRR312H1, WRR414H1