Environmental Science Minor (Science Program) - ASMIN1555

Enrolment Requirements

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Variable Minimum Grade/Grade Average
A minimum grade average in required courses is needed for entry, and this minimum changes each year depending on available spaces and the number of applicants. The following courses must be completed:

To ensure that students admitted to the program will be successful, applicants with a final grade lower than 60% in each course, or a grade average lower than 65% in these required courses will not be considered for admission. Please note that obtaining this minimum grade average does not guarantee admission to the program.

Completion Requirements

(4.0 credits)

First Year (1.5 credits):

1. BIO120H1; 0.5 credit from CHM136H1/​CHM138H/ CHM135H1(recommended)/CHM139H/ CHM151Y1; 0.5 credit from MAT135H1/​ MAT137Y1/​ MAT157Y1/​ JMB170Y1

Higher Years (2.5 credits):
2. ENV221H1
3. 1.0 credit from CHM210H1, ENV234H1, ENV237H1/​ ENV238H1*, ESS262H1
4. ENV337H1
5. 0.5 credit from courses in Group A or B**


  • * ENV238H1 is for students who have previously taken PHY131H1/​ PHY132H1/​ PHY151H1/​ PHY152H1
  • ** Students should verify the prerequisites for the courses listed under the groups below in advance of their course selection.
  • BIO220H1 is required for all EEB 300+ level courses (Group A and B) and there are no exceptions.
  • Daniels Students enrolled in this program may be able to fulfil up to 1.0 credit of elective courses from ARC courses. Consult the School of the Environment for more information

Group A: Environmental Science
CHM310H1/​ CHM410H1/​ CHM415H1/​ EEB319H1/​ EEB320H1/​ EEB321H1/​ EEB328H1/​ EEB365H1/​ EEB428H1/​ EEB430H1/​ EEB433H1/​ EEB440H1/​ EEB465H1/​ ENV334H1/​ ENV341H1/​ ENV346H1/​ ENV430H1/​ ENV432H1/​ ESS261H1/​ ESS311H1/​ ESS312H1/​ ESS461H1/​ ESS463H1/​ GGR301H1/​ GGR305H1/​ GGR308H1/​ GGR314H1/​ GGR347H1/​ GGR348H1/​ GGR406H1/​ GGR413H1/​ JGA305H1/​ PCL362H1/​ PHY392H1*/ PHY492H1*

Notes: * PHY392H1 and PHY492H1 include relevant environmental content, but prerequisites for these courses cannot be used towards Group A requirements.

Group B: Environmental Science-related Field Courses
ANT330Y1/​ ARH306Y1/​ EEB403H1/​ EEB405H1/​ EEB406H1/​ EEB407H1/​ EEB410H1/​ ENV316H1/​ ENV336H1/​ ENV395Y0/​ ENV396H0/​ ENV396Y0/​ ESS234H1/​ ESS410H1/​ ESS450H1/​ GGR390H1