Minor Program in Christianity and Education (Arts Program) - ASMIN1014

This program offers students the opportunity to consider the theory, practice and history of Christian pedagogy.

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(4.0 credits, including at least 1.0 credit at the 300+ level)

First Year: No specific first-year requirements

  1. CHC203Y1
  2. CHC218H1, CHC312H1 and CHC313H1
  3. 1.5 credits from any of the courses listed below, with at least 1.0 credit carrying the CHC designator. Students can choose courses from all course groups. Courses from other departments may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Program Coordinator, preferably before taking the course. It will help to have a syllabus for the course being considered.

    Christianity and Society: CHC120H1/​ CHC215H1/​ CHC303H1/​ CHC304H1/​ CHC308H1/​ CHC309H1/​ CHC322H1/​ CHC362H1/​ CHC368H1/​ CHC372H1/​ CHC379H1/​ CHC456H1/​ CLT240H1/​ CLT241H1/​ CLT413H1/​ JCR303H1/​ MST210H1/​ MST212H1/​ MST361H1/​ SMC188H1/​ SMC189H1/​ SMC397H1/​ NMC270H1/​ RLG414H1

    Christianity and the Arts: CHC200H1/​ CHC305H1/​ CHC364H1/​ CHC365H1/​ CHC367H1/​ CHC369H1/​ CHC382H1/​ CHC384H1/​ CLT343H1/​ MST213H1/​ MST222H1/​ MST323H1/​ MST326H1/​ MST328H1/​ SMC165H1/​ SMC464H1/​ ITA311H1

    Christianity and Science: CHC232H1/​ CHC370H1/​ CHC371H1/​ CHC383H1/​ JCA302H1/​ REN242H1

    Christianity and Education: CHC218H1/​ CHC306H1/​ CHC307H1/​ CHC311H1/​ CHC312H1/​ CHC313H1/​ CHC327H1/​ CHC330H1/​ CLT350H1/​ MST324H1/​ MST358H1/​ MST359H1

    Independent Study and Seminar Courses: CHC300H1/​ CHC390Y1/​ CHC391H1/​ CHC400H1/​ CHC433Y1/​ CHC434H1/​ CHC471H1/​ CHC472H1/​ MST406H1/​ MST407Y1/​ MST436H1/​ SMC457H1

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with St. Michael's College's Christianity and Culture, Celtic Studies, and Mediaeval Studies programs will have the new "CHC," "CLT," and "MST" designators respectively.