Canadian Studies Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN0728

Canadian Studies courses offer opportunities to study contemporary Canada in an interdisciplinary manner to explore cultural, social, economic, and political developments in this complex and diverse country. Students are encouraged to consider additional courses in Indigenous Studies in completing the Program requirements.

Please note that not all courses are offered on an annual basis. A list of approved Canadian Studies courses may be found at Other courses that are in the current academic Calendar that include significant Canadian content may be considered for approval by the Canadian Studies Program Director. Consult the Canadian Studies Program Office, UC173, University College, 416-946-4025. Email:

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(4.0 credits, including 1.0 credit at the 300+ level)

First Year: No specific first-year requirements. (Students are advised to take introductory courses that will serve as prerequisites for optional courses of interest to them later in the program.)

1. CDN267H1/​ CDN268H1

2. CDN367H1/​ CDN368H1

3. 1.0 credit from the list: UNI101H1/​ UNI101Y1/​ CDN202H1/​ CDN205H1/​ CDN221H1/​ CDN230H1/​ CDN267H1/​ CDN268H1/​ CDN280H1/​ CDN305H1/​ CDN307H1/​ SDS355H1/​ CDN367H1/​ CDN368H1/​ CDN380H1/​ CDN385H1/​ CDN390H1/​ CDN405H1/​ CDN420Y1/​ CDN425H1/​ CDN430Y1/​ CDN435Y1/​ DRM268H1/​ HST211H1/​ JUG320H1/​ JSU325H1/​ SOC218H1/​ UNI220Y1/​ UNI320Y1

4. Students will take another 2.0 credits in courses offered by the Canadian Studies Program, or the long list of courses approved by the Canadian Studies program (a full list of approved Canadian Studies courses can be found on the website at Suitable courses not on the list may be considered for approval by the Program Director.

Students are responsible for checking co- and prerequisites for all courses.