Women and Gender Studies Minor Program (Arts Program) - ASMIN0571

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(4.0 credits)

  1. WGS160Y1 or WGS271Y1
  2. An additional 3.0 credits from the Core Group or Group A. Of these, 1.0 credit must be a 300/400-level WGS course

Core Group

WGS160Y1, WGS260H1, WGS271Y1, WGS273H1, WGS275H1, WGS280H1, WGS331H1, WGS332H1, WGS333H1, WGS334H1, WGS335H1, WGS336H1, WGS340H1, WGS350H1 (no longer offered), WGS355H1, WGS360H1, WGS362H1, WGS363H1, WGS365H1, WGS367H1, WGS369H1, WGS370H1, WGS372H1, WGS373H1, WGS374H1, WGS376H1, WGS380H1, WGS385H1, WGS386H1, WGS390H1, WGS395H1, WGS396H1, WGS397H1, WGS420H1, WGS426H1, WGS434H1, WGS435H1, WGS440H1, WGS442H1, WGS450H1, WGS451H1, WGS460Y1, WGS461Y1, WGS462H1, WGS463H1, WGS465H1, WGS470Y1, WGS480H1, WGS481H1, WGS482H1

Group A

AFR454H1, ANT343H1, ANT456H1, ANT460H1, CAR325H1, CDN335H1, CLA219H1, CLA319H1, ENG273Y1, ENG355Y1, FRE304H1, GGR320H1, GGR327H1, HIS198H1, HIS202H1, HIS205H1, HIS297Y1, HIS306H1, HIS348H1, HIS354H1, HIS363H1, HIS383Y1, HIS406H1, HIS446H1, HIS448H1, HIS481H1, ITA455H1, JAL355H1, JPS315H1, NMC284H1, NMC484H1, PHL243H1, PHL367H1, POL344H1, POL432H1, POL450H1, PSY323H1, REN342H1, REN343H1, RLG235H1, RLG311H1, RLG312H1, RLG313H1, RLG315H1, RLG416H1, SLA248H1, SOC214H1, SOC265H1, SOC314H1, SOC365H1, SOC366H1, SOC367H1, SOC383H1, SOC465H1, SPA382H1

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's African Studies and Caribbean Studies programs will have the new "AFR" and "CAR" designators respectively. In addition, courses associated with Victoria College's Renaissance Studies program will have the new "REN" designator.