Latin American Studies Minor (Arts Program) - ASMIN0552

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

There are no specific first-year requirements. However, first-year students are welcome to take a Spanish or Portuguese language course ( SPA100Y1, SPA219Y1, SPA220Y1, SPA320Y1, PRT100Y1, PRT120Y1/​ PRT120H1, PRT219Y1/​ PRT219H1, or PRT220Y1), which counts towards the Latin American Studies Minor.

(4.0 credits, including LAS200H1, LAS201H1, and at least 1.0 credit at the 300+ level.)

1. LAS200H1 and LAS201H1 (previously LAS200Y1).
2. A minimum of 0.5 credit of LAS 300-level courses.
3. 2.5 LAS credits, or pre-approved courses from cognate units listed below (List A). A minimum of one 0.5 credit must be from the Social Sciences/BR=3; another 0.5 credit must be from the Humanities/BR=1 or 2. ( LAS300H1 or LAS370H1 can be used to cover the Social Science requirement and LAS301H1, LAS310H1, LAS320H1, LAS350H1 for the Humanities requirement).

Spanish or Portuguese language study is recommended, but not a requirement.

List A (Thematic Group):

Latin American Societies: ANT320H1, ANT340H1, ANT407H1
Historical Understandings of Latin America: HIS291H1, HIS292H1, HIS390H1, HIS397H1
Latin American Politics: POL305Y1/​ POL305H1, POL325H1, POL360H1, POL442H1
Latin American Cultural Expressions: SPA275H1, SPA375H1, SPA381H1, SPA382H1, SPA384H1, SPA385H1, SPA386H1, SPA387H1, SPA389H1, SPA467H1, SPA475H1, SPA480H1, SPA482H1, SPA486H1, SPA488H1, SPA489H1, PRT275H1
Forest Conservation and Forest Biomaterials Science: FOR201H1
Geography: GGR341H1
Music: MUS305H1
New College Caribbean Studies: JLN327H1, JLN427H1
Portuguese: PRT100Y1, PRT120Y1/​ PRT120H1, PRT219Y1/​ PRT219H1, PRT220Y1, PRT368H1, PRT420H1
Spanish: SPA100Y1, SPA120Y1, SPA196H1, SPA219Y1, SPA220Y1, SPA258H1, SPA259H1, SPA320Y1, SPA323H1