Anthropology Major (Society, Culture, and Language) (Arts Program) - ASMAJ2112

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Completed courses (with minimum grades)
The following courses with the stated minimum grades are required:

(6.5 credits including at least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level and at least 1.0 credit at the 400-level)

First and/or Second Year:
1. ANT207H1
2. ANT204H1 or ANT205H1 or ANT210H1 or ANT253H1

Upper Years:
3. ANT370H1 or ANT425H1
4. 5.0 additional credits from Group C, or Subgroup C(i) or C(ii), including at least 1.0 credit at the 400-level. Students who want to focus more specifically on the role of language in culture and society should take ANT253H1, ANT425H1, and courses in Subgroup C (ii).

Note: ANT courses are those offered with the following prefixes: ANT, ARH, INS, JAA, JAL, JAH, JAR and JGA.

Group C: Society, Culture, and Language
ANT204H1, ANT205H1, ANT207H1, ANT208H1, ANT210H1, ANT215H1, ANT299Y1, ANT322H1, ANT324H1, ANT342H1, ANT343H1, ANT344H1, ANT345H1, ANT346H1, ANT347H1, ANT348H1, ANT352H1, ANT356H1, ANT357H1, ANT358H1, ANT362H1, ANT364H1, ANT366H1, ANT370H1, ANT372H1, ANT374H1, ANT376H1, ANT378H1, ANT380H1, ANT382H1, ANT384H1, ANT385H1, ANT386H1, ANT390H1, ANT426H1, ANT435H1, ANT441H1, ANT450H1, ANT456H1, ANT457H1, ANT459H1, ANT460H1, ANT462H1, ANT463H1, ANT464H1, ANT465H1, ANT473H1, ANT474H1, ANT475H1, ANT480H1, ANT484H1, ANT485H1, ANT486H1, ANT488H1, ANT490Y1, ANT491Y1, ANT491H1, ANT497Y1, ANT498H1, ANT499H1, JAA377H1, JAH391Y0, JAH391H1, JAR301H1, JNH350H1, AFR250Y1, NMC356H1, MCS225Y1

Note: ANT390H1 may be placed in a different Course Group depending on the topic, which will vary from year to year.

Subgroup C (i): (Society, Culture and Language - Area)
ANT327H1, ANT340H1, ANT341H1, ANT455H1, ANT458H1, ANT472H1, ANT477H1, AFR298H1, CAR316H1, NMC241H1

Subgroup C (ii): (Society, Culture and Language – Linguistic)
ANT253H1, ANT329H1, ANT425H1, ANT483H1, ANT497Y1, ANT498H1, ANT499H1, JAL328H1, JAL355H1, JAL401H1, SLA380H1

Note: Effective Fall 2021, courses associated with New College's African Studies and Caribbean Studies programs will have the new "AFR" and "CAR" designators respectively. In addition, courses associated with Victoria College's Material Culture and Semiotics program will have the new "MCS" designator.