English Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1645

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

7.0 ENG credits, including 1.5 credits from 300+level ENG courses and a 0.5 credit 400-level ENG course.
Only 1.0 credit from 100-level ENG courses may be counted. We do not accept ENG100H1, ENG102H1, or any CR/NCR courses toward our programs.
Courses must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. ENG202H1, ENG203H1, ENG250H1, ENG252H1
  2. 0.5 ENG credit from Indigenous, Postcolonial, Transnational Literatures
  3. 1.0 ENG credit from Pre-1800 British Literature
  4. 0.5 ENG credit from Theory, Language, Critical Methods
  5. ENG287H1. If not, one 0.5 credit in any BR=5 course

Courses that may be counted toward English programs but that are not grouped:
( ENG110Y1/​ ENG140Y1/​ ENG150Y1), ENG202H1, ENG203H1, ENG210H1, ENG213H1, ENG215H1, ENG234H1, ENG235H1, ENG237H1, ENG239H1, ENG250H1, ENG252H1, ENG273Y1, ENG287H1, ENG289H1, ENG296Y0, ENG297Y0, ENG299Y1, ENG324Y1, ENG328Y1, ENG329H1, ENG340H1, ENG341H1, ENG347Y1, ENG348Y1, ENG349H1, ENG350H1, ENG352H1, ENG353Y1, ENG354Y1, ENG357H1, ENG360H1, ENG363Y1, ENG364Y1, ENG365H1, ENG378H1, ENG379H1, ENG388H1, ENG389H1, ( ENG390Y1/​ ENG392H1), ( ENG391Y1/​ ENG393H1), ENG398H0, ENG399Y1, ENG480H1, ENG481H1, ENG482H1, ENG483H1, ENG484H1, ENG485H1, ENG486H1, ENG487H1, ENG488H1, ENG489H1, ENG499Y1

Indigenous, Postcolonial, Transnational Literatures:
ENG254H1, ENG269H1, ENG270H1, ENG355Y1, ENG356Y1, ENG367H1, ENG368H1, ENG369H1, ENG370Y1, ENG371H1, ENG372H1

Pre-1800 British Literature:
ENG220H1, ENG240Y1, ENG300Y1, ENG302Y1, ENG303H1, ENG305H1, ENG306Y1, ENG308Y1, ENG311H1, ENG320Y1, ENG322Y1, ENG323H1, ENG330H1, ENG331H1, ENG335H1, ENG337H1, ENG373H1, ENG374H1

Theory, Language, Critical Methods:
ENG201Y1, ENG205H1, JEI206H1/​ JWE206H1, ENG280H1, ENG281H1, ENG285H1, ENG376H1, ENG377H1, ENG382Y1, ENG384Y1, ENG385H1