European Affairs Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1626

Visit the European Affairs Program website for updated information about requirements, course offerings, and events: or consult Professor Robert Austin, Undergraduate Coordinator, Room 126N, Munk School of Global Affairs (416-946-8942, for general program requirements.

This is a limited enrolment program. Students must have completed 4.0 credits and meet the requirements listed below to enrol.

Completed courses (with minimum grades)
The following courses with the stated minimum grades are required:

For students with no prior language experience:

For students who are exempted from a first-year language course (i.e. those with some prior language skills):

(7.0 credits, including at least 2.0 credits at the 300+ level, 0.5 of which must be at the 400-level.)

The distribution of the 7.0 credits is as follows:

  • A two-year progressive sequence of courses in a single language totaling 2.0 credits. Specific language choices are listed below.
  • An additional 1.0 credit in the single language already chosen, or 1.0 credit in non-language courses related to your chosen language of study. Variations on this can be discussed with the Program Coordinator.
  • 2.0 credits in the required core courses: 1.0 credit offered by the Department of History ( EUR200Y1) and 1.0 credit from POL219H1, POL324H1, POL358H1, POL359Y1, POL359H1, POL387H1, or any POL course with European content approved by the Program Coordinator.
  • EUR498H1 - Special Topics in European Affairs: European Union, worth 0.5 credit.
  • The remaining 1.5 credits in elective courses chosen from a list of eligible electives or any course with European content approved by the Program Coordinator.

Advising Notes:

  • Students are expected to consult with the Program Coordinator for assistance with and advice on course selection.
  • After consultation with the Program Coordinator, exceptions may be made in certain cases regarding the sequence of language courses based on prior and documented exposure to the language in question.
  • Some of the courses listed below may have prerequisites; some may be offered in alternate years. Consult the Program Coordinator for up-to-date information.

First Year:

1.0 credit from one the following languages:

Second Year:

1. EUR200Y1

2. 1.0 credit from one of the following languages:

Third Year:
1. 1.0 credit from POL219H1, POL324H1, POL358H1, POL359Y1, POL359H1, POL387H1, or any POL course with European content approved by the Program Coordinator.

2. 1.0 credit from one of the following languages, or 1.0 credit in non-language courses related to your chosen language of study, selected in consultation with the Program Coordinator:

Fourth Year:

1. EUR498H1

2. Remaining courses to be selected from the list of eligible electives below. The most up-to date list of electives is on the program website. Students may also petition the Program Coordinator to take other courses in the calendar as electives, provided they have substantial European and/or Eurasian content.

Current Eligible Electives (for approval on courses outside the list or for transfer credits, please consult the Program Coordinator):

ANT446H1; ECO230Y1, ECO301Y1, ECO303Y1, ECO342Y1; ENG329H1, ENG340H1, ENG341H1; EST400Y1; EUR300H1; FCS195H1, FCS297H1, FCS310Y1, FCS331H1, FCS395H1; FIN230H1, FIN235H1, FIN240H1, FIN250H1, FIN260H1, FIN310H1, FIN340H1, FIN350H1, FIN415H1; FRE320H1, FRE324H1, FRE326H1; GGR339H1, GGR344H1, GGR361H1; GER150H1, GER204H1, GER205H1, GER232H1, GER150H1, GER261H1, GER321H1, GER322H1, GER323H1, GER326H1, GER336H1, GER350H1, GER362H1, GER410H1, GER421H1, GER425H1; HIS208Y1, HIS245Y1, HIS251Y1, HIS302H1, HIS309H1, HIS317H1, HIS325H1, HIS330H1, HIS331H1, HIS334Y1, HIS335H1, HIS337Y1, HIS338H1, HIS339Y1, HIS344Y1, HIS349H1, HIS351Y1, HIS353Y1, HIS354Y1, HIS355H1, HIS361H1, HIS364H1, HIS371H1, HIS388H1, HIS401H1, HIS407H1, HIS414H1, HIS415H1, HIS416H1, HIS418H1, HIS421Y1, HIS422H1, HIS431H1, HIS433H1, HIS439H1, HIS442H1, HIS445H1, HIS449Y1, HIS451H1, HIS453H1, HIS455H1, HIS458Y1, HIS459H1, HIS460H1, HIS461H1, HIS477H1, HIS488H1, HIS490H1; HUN335H1, HUN345H1, HUN355H1, HUN356H1; INI381H1, INI382H1; ITA210Y1, ITA240Y1, ITA245Y1, ITA301H1, ITA310H1, ITA326H1, ITA340H1, ITA341H1, ITA346H1, ITA347H1, ITA381H1, ITA405H1, ITA410H1, ITA415H1, ITA421H1, ITA441H1, ITA455H1, ITA491H1, ITA492H1; JHP304Y1, JHP435Y1, JHP454Y1; JPD439Y1; JPP343Y1; MUN200H1; PHL210Y1, PHL217H1, PHL265H1, PHL310H1, PHL311H1, PHL312H1, PHL315H1, PHL316H1, PHL317H1, PHL320H1, PHL321H1, PHL322H1, PHL326H1, PHL338H1, PHL365H1, PHL388H1; POL207Y1, POL317Y1, POL320Y1, POL321H1, POL324Y1, POL332H1, POL344H1, POL354H1, POL359Y1, POL368Y0, POL372H1, POL385H1, POL405Y1, POL414H1, POL415H1, POL422Y1, POL437H1, POL440Y1, POL452Y1, POL453Y1, POL455H1; PRT250H1; SLA202H1, SLA205H1, SLA215H1, SLA216Y1, SLA217H1, SLA218Y1, SLA222H1, SLA225H1, SLA226H1, SLA228H1, SLA234H1, SLA241H1, SLA242H1, SLA244H1, SLA247H1, SLA248H1, SLA252H1, SLA302H1, SLA303H1, SLA315H1, SLA318H1, SLA322H1, SLA327H1, SLA328H1, SLA331H1, SLA337H1, SLA339H1, SLA340H1, SLA343H1, SLA344H1, SLA346H1, SLA356H1, SLA380H1, SLA404H1, SLA405Y1, SLA406H1, SLA407H1, SLA414H1, SLA417H1, SLA424H1, SLA425Y1, SLA434Y1, SLA436H1, SLA441H1, SLA442H1, SLA449H1, SLA453H1, SLA458H1, SLA460H1, SLA463H1, SLA465H1, SLA475H1, SLA476H1, SLA485H1, SOC341Y1, SOC350Y1; SPA325H1, SPA341H1, SPA345H1, SPA435H1.