French Language and Literature Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ1295

Enrolment Requirements

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

Completion Requirements

(7.0 credits)

1) FSL221Y1(63%).

2) FRE210H1, FRE245H1, FRE246H1, FRE272H1, FSL321Y1.

3) One 0.5 credit from each of the following three groups as well as one 0.5 credit of the student’s choice from any group (2.0 credits in total):

Group 1 –Literary History: FRE318H1/​ FRE319H1/​ FRE320H1/​ FRE324H1/​ FRE326H1

Group 2 –Genres and Gender: FRE304H1/​ FRE310H1/​ FRE345H1

Group 3 –Quebec and Francophone Literatures: FRE314H1/​ FRE332H1/​ FRE334H1/​ FRE336H1/​ SLA263H1

4) 1.0 credit from the following 400-level FRE literature courses: FRE410H1/​ FRE438H1/​ FRE441H1/​ FRE443H1/​ FRE446H1


i) Students not placed in FSL221Y1 or higher by the Placement test must first complete FSL121Y1 before starting this program. Students exempted from FSL221Y1 may replace it with any FRE 200+ or 300+ level course.

ii) Students exempted from FSL321Y1 may replace it with 1.0 FRE credit at the 300+ level.