French Language and French Linguistics Major (Arts Program) - ASMAJ0525

This is an open enrolment program. A student who has completed 4.0 credits may enrol in the program.

(7.0 credits)

1) ( FSL220H1 and FSL222H1) (63%)/ FSL221Y1 (63%), FSL224H1.

2) FRE272H1, FRE274H1, FRE273H1/​ FRE245H1, ( FSL320H1 and FSL322H1)/ FSL321Y1.

3) FRE376H1, FRE378H1, FRE383H1, FRE379H1/​ JFG388H1.

4) 1.0 credit from 400-level French linguistics courses: FRE483H1, FRE486H1, FRE487H1, FRE488H1, FRE489H1, FRE490Y1, FRE491H1, FRE492H1.


i) Students not placed in FSL220H1 or higher by the Placement test must first complete FSL122H1 before starting this program. Students exempted from FSL220H1/​ FSL222H1 must replace it with FSL271H1 and any FSL or FRE half-course. FSL271H1 must be completed before enrolling in any higher-level FSL course.

ii) Students exempted from FSL320H1/​ FSL322H1 may replace it with any FRE course.